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Rethink TV

Rethink TV – Annual Subscription


The emphasis in Rethink TV are the 8 forecasts conducted each year, beginning with a forecast of regular pay TV OTT users and SVoD subscribers which are the basis of all the other forecasts. The others are listed below. This is supported with data from the top 100 operator profiles from around the world - both pay TV and SVoD profiles - complete with all the core technology vendors those operators use to support the delivery of video over the internet. Additionally, we will offer a monthly roundup of strategic moves and news items which have made the greatest impact in the world of paid video delivery.

So Rethink TV is:
A) A monthly roundup – Rethink TV
B) 8 Forecasts for the year – Current target list below
C) 100 operator profiles each refreshed once each year

We believe this is everything you need to navigate OTT video markets, and survive the rethink of TV.

Annual Forecasts:
1) Forecast paid OTT streams in Europe – TVE and SVoD
2) Forecast paid OTT streams in Asia – TVE and SVoD
3) The Opportunity for OTT DRM
4) The global opportunity for transcoding video
5) The global opportunity for video content delivery (CDNs)
6) The size and growth of the global AVOD market
7) The rise and rise of the global programmatic Ad market
8) The future market for video voice search and control


$1,800 for an individual license

For group or corporate licenses, or to discuss special pricing for existing customers, please contact [email protected]

Video DRM

The Opportunity ahead for Video DRM 2016 to 2021 – Corporate License


The Opportunity ahead for Video DRM - Corporate License

The global market for customers which require DRM in the streams is across both TVEverywhere and SVoD and this report focuses both globally where TVE are estimated regular users, and SVoD are paying subscribers. This 16 page report shows that there will be over 300 million more devices will require DRM protection licenses over the next 5 years, over the 314 million that use DRM active today in paid video.

This report is aimed at Pay TV operators, pure play OTT Operators, broadcasters, and each of their technology suppliers.

(UK and EU pricing incl VAT)

Recommendation and Discovery to 2020


This report looks at the players in this sector of the OTT market. Recommendation and Discovery is the only report on the market that offers revenue forecasts.

Priced at $995 this report is 44 pages long, delivers analysis and forecasts in the recommendation and discovery markets.

Transformation Economics


How to steer your business through continuous technology change?

Rethink Technology Research has begun to pioneer a series of forecasts that focus on deep industry changes, we specialize in asking questions about when an industry starts and ends or goes into its next phase, and when it is going through a major contraction.

This report is 56 pages long and costs $450.
UK and EU pricing includes VAT.

Pay TV in Latin America - America Movile rising

Pay TV Latin America – América Móvil rising


Pay TV Latin America - América Móvil Rising

Rethink Technology Research delves into Latin America, this report focuses on key players and provides analysis and forecasting for the following countries from now until 2019; Brazil; Mexico; Argentina; Colombia; Venezuela; Chile; and Uruguay