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Rethink TV

Rethink TV – Annual Subscription


Rethink TV is an annual subscription service which offers two things - a mini forecast each month on some aspect of OTT video technology plus up to date profiles on the top 100 operators globally in pay OTT deployments. We have forecasts on OTT Streams in Europe and Asia, a forecasts on screen technology, one on the deployment of Recommendation systems, one due shortly on Programmatic Advertising and another on the opportunity in DRM and in the Cloud transcoding market.

A) 12 Forecasts for the year
B) 100 operator profiles each refreshed once each year

We believe this is everything you need to navigate OTT video markets, and survive the rethink of TV.

Annual Forecasts available or due:
1) Forecast paid OTT streams in Europe – TVE and SVoD
2) Forecast paid OTT streams in Asia – TVE and SVoD
3) The Opportunity for OTT DRM
4) The global opportunity for transcoding video
5) The global opportunity for video content delivery (CDNs)
6) The size and growth of the global AVOD market
7) The rise of the US programmatic Ad market
8) The future market for video voice search and control
9) The opportunity for video analytics


$2,500 for an individual license

For group or corporate licenses, or to discuss special pricing for existing customers, please contact [email protected]

Riot – Rethink IoT Annual Subscription – Individual License


Rethink Internet of Things (Riot) is the weekly news round up and analysis service covering the latest events in the Internet of Things.

GBP and Euro pricing includes VAT

A Riot subscription consists of valuable weekly insight on the hottest topics of the week, delivered by e-mail as a PDF file, as well as hosted behind our website pay-wall.

Paid subscribers receive a round-up section providing a curated IoT news summary and items from "Around the Web". This part is published at the beginning of the week.

Paid subscribers are also given access to our range of IoT reports and databases, which are delivered in monthly intervals.

For the rest of 2017, we are focusing on the following 4 major topics, while still covering subordinate IoT topics:
* Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
* The impact of IoT on enterprises/operators
* Automotive transitions and self-driving technology
* Utility Transformation and smart grids

You need to buy Riot if one of these is a key area for you. Riot’s agenda concentrates on dramatic change. Each week it examines one topic in each of these subjects that has the most potential to be transformative - and we will cover it in depth.

At the end of each month, Riot will send a deliverable to paid subscribers. These include:

* M&A + Significant Deals Done (SDD) quarterly databases updates
* Technology Profiles outlining IoT leaders and their deployments
* Reports / Whitepapers
* The findings of our annual reader survey

Report topics currently planned include:

- The impact of automation on the labor market
- How enterprise security will embrace the IoT
- How insurance will respond to new technology waves
- The State of LPWAN Today

Paid subscribers also receive access to Riot's report archive, which currently includes:

The Five Myths of the IoT
How smart grids solve the global energy problem
Self-Driving Cars: the death of the auto industry as we know it
Mergers & Acquisitions and Significant Deals Done
The Riot Annual Survey
Riot Labor Automation; Robotics and AI, balancing job losses with wealth creation

To purchase a multi-user license or to find out more about Riot, please contact [email protected]

Faultline Subscription


Faultline is the weekly strategy bulletin that provides a framework of technical understanding to help predict the future of digital entertainment and the global broadband economy.

It does this by studying disruptive changes in the OTT and video delivery business and eco-system.

Faultline guides and advises suppliers of OTT, Mobile TV, cable and satellite equipment; Pay TV and Mobile TV operators and those planning these services; content providers, applications houses, chip and component makers, wireless operators and investors in digital markets.

The publication sticks to the simple ingredients of experience, perspective and an up to date understanding of what technology can do. It covers everything:
- from OTT video delivery to VR
- from the transition of 4G to 5G and LTE
- from Triple and Quad Play to the implication to Advertisers
- from Consumer connected devices to Home Networks

Each week, its analysts make assessments and predictions based on events that have happened in the digital media industry.

It follows the players, approaches, charging models, applications & service delivery mechanisms involved in the broadband and digital content industries.

The following topics are regularly analyzed:
* OTT services & revenue trends
* Content distribution technologies
* Advertising technology and video data analytics tools
* Aspects of technologies in the OTT video delivery chain such as encoding, packagers, recommendation software, audience analytics, billing, CDN supplier, CMS etc.
* Digital rights management (DRM) and content protection
* The emergence of AI, voice control and IoT-driven devices in conjunction video delivery
* Smart TVs, apps, adapters including the impact of UltraHD 4K TVs & HDR
* Home entertainment equipment like STBs, digital media adapters, media-streaming units
* Wireless and wireline networking relevant to digital media
* VR (Virtual Reality) & AR (Augmented Reality)
* Broadband speeds, efficiency and economics (including G.Fast, DSL Bonding, DOCSIS, LTE and 5G)
* Cloud-based entertainment services
* Regulatory, copyright, intellectual property and patent issues
* Forecasts and research

Faultline focuses on choices that companies operating in the digital media sphere will make and have already made in order to prosper in the coming five or six years.

It's delivered once a week in a time-saving and concise bulletin format.

Faultline carries no ads, guaranteeing impartial and unbiased analysis. It just delivers vital competitive intelligence that will help you and your business.

Wireless Watch Subscription


Wireless Watch is the weekly strategy bulletin that covers global cellular and broadband wireless markets and mobile technology.

Available in its entirety by paid subscription, the publication supplies worldwide strategic information about the following topics:
* Future designs in cellular and wireless data technologies
* Developments in Small Cell, C-RAN HetNet & Wi-Fi networks
* IoT (Internet of Things)
* IT and Network Convergence including MEC (Mobile Edge Computing)
* Analysis of smartphones and devices and their operating systems (Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows etc.) and put into context with network developments
* News about spectrum and regulatory policies and the business models that will arise
* 4G, 5G and LTE infrastructure rollouts
* Industry politics, M&A deals and alliances including the likes of Google, Samsung, Apple, Vodafone, AT&T, Intel, ARM, Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson etc.
* Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
* Pure IP delivery options for wireless
* Start-up news & profiles

Wireless Watch focuses on the players, technologies, approaches, charging models, applications & service delivery mechanisms in the broadband wireless industry.

Subscribers include management at major operators from Tier 1 down, telecom equipment makers, component manufacturers, software suppliers and the worldwide investment community.

Guided by Rethink's head of research, Caroline Gabriel, our editors and analysts regularly speak to hundreds of industry contacts worldwide. Our experience and insight converts the "data" of raw industry news into focused, actionable intelligence. All in a time-saving concise bulletin format.

As a set of weekly research notes (delivered as .PDF file and accessible here on this website), Wireless Watch carries no ads, thus guaranteeing impartial and unbiased analysis, delivering vital competitive intelligence that will help you and your business.

For group or corporate rates contact [email protected] or call on +44 (0) 1794 521 411