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Meet the Team

John Constant
Wireless, Telecoms and IoT

John Constant is responsible for developing our business, working alongside Caroline Gabriel and her team. He sees Wireless going through a huge disruption with 5G and the potenial of open RAN, which will not be complete overnight, and which will produce winners, but also some casualties. John is working closely with operators, equipment and service vendors and manufacturers in the wireless, telecoms and IoT industries, he has the experience to deal with all aspects of Rethink Research.

In the past John has worked in technical roles, operational roles, service management, project management, sales and account management in companies both large and small, including IBM.  He has good technical understanding, extensive operational experience, and has shaped and brought Ran Research to market singlehandedly.

John joined Rethink Research in 2015 after running his own startup.  He studied Civil Engineering at Coventry University before moving into IT where he started as an analyst.

If you would like some detailed information about Rethink’s consulting, Wireless and Telecoms services then contact John Constant through his email: [email protected] or call +44 (0)7468 460739.

Meet the team