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Meet the Team

Simon Thompson
Senior Consultant

Simon has been around the block and back again with technology – and was product manager on Unix weekly newsletter Unigram.X back in the nineties, where he worked with our CEO Peter White at ComputerWire and has been involved with technology services ever since.

Simon re-joined us in 2016 when the business acquired “The Online Reporter” from US partner Charles Hall, and this year completes 30 years in the business of developing new publications and reports for tech businesses.

Simon is convinced that the technology & energy industries need succinct, actionable intelligence, opinionated, well written and well researched, with no punches pulled, written by real journalists and expert analysts. In the past he has worked on such titles as The Online Reporter, Unigram.X, Computergram and Client Server News, here he has worked on Faultline and was the lead on developing Rethink TV into the success it is today.

You can contact Simon via email at [email protected] or call on +44 1280 820560.

Meet the team