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3 May 2022

ARM offers upgrade path to top end IoT processor in slew of announcements

Amid a spate of announcements relating to its Cortex-M and Cortex-A families, UK-based has processor IP provider ARM launched a top-end design for its microcontroller family, the Cortex-M85, providing an upgrade path to the advanced ARMv8-M architecture for higher-powered IoT applications.

Billed as part of ARM’s mission to streamline embedded computing for the IoT developer market, the high-end chip comes with a range of enhancements within its cloud-based IoT design system, Total Solutions for IoT.

As Mohamed Awad, VP of IoT and embedded at ARM, explained: “Developers drive the future of the IoT, but they face an ever-increasing demand for higher performance, increased security, and less complex development flows. The IoT runs on ARM, and we have a responsibility to create greater opportunities for IoT innovation and scale by continually raising the bar on performance, simplified development, and software reuse for our ecosystem.”

The new Cortex-M85 processor has 30% greater scalar performance than the existing M7, plus support for miniaturized device-based machine learning (ML) and digital signal processor (DSP) workloads, as well as enhanced security with Arm’s TrustZone TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) technology.