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17 May 2022

HTC shows off its private 5G platform in partnership with Dish 

By Wireless Watch Staff

Taiwan’s HTC may be best known for handsets, but as it has lost share in that market, it has taken its wireless expertise into other segments, such as small cells. The company demonstrated a ‘network-in-a-box’, branded Reign Core, for private wireless at February’s Mobile World Congress and the same product was on show at Dish’s event last week, where it launched its first commercial 5G network. 


HTC said it was working with Dish “to bring low-latency, high-bandwidth private 5G connectivity to enterprise customers across the USA”. Its Reign Core includes a 5G core, O-RAN compliant remote radio unit and baseband, and a Layer 3 switch, all of which can fit into a suitcase.  


Venkata Movva, HTC’s director of VR, 5G and mobile technologies, said HTC is partnering with companies in Taiwan for the radio units and adding its own 5G RAN software. This is just one example of how the Taiwanese wireless ecosystem, which is so powerful in WiFi, is gearing up to take a major role in providing low cost, standards-based radio equipment for Open RAN. 


Dan O’Brien, general manager of HTC Americas, said that HTC has established a dedicated group focused on Reign Core. He said: “For a long time, we were known for making smartphones, but we retained a lot of that talent to evolve our immersive portfolio.” 


At the Dish event, HTC demonstrated virtual reality car-racing applications to show off Reign Core’s capabilities, but O’Brien acknowledged that, in the real world, there would be more prosaic services, such as using the system to support remotely controlled vehicles in warehouses.