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19 October 2016

Red Hat brings enterprise mobile apps to its containers platform

Linux major Red Hat has unveiled its Red Hat Mobile Application Platform, a containerized offering designed to run in any public or private cloud or on-premise infrastructure that supports its Enterprise Linux.

When used alongside Red Hat’s existing SaaS (software-as-a-service) mobile app platform, enterprises gain a wider set of deployment options to integrate, manage, and scale their mobile app initiatives to meet their business objectives, said the company.

The move to a fully containerized platform, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, based on Docker-format containers and Kubernetes, is the heart of the organization’s bid to provide a single, integrated platform for modern application development that ticks all the current enterprise developer boxes – cloud native, mobile-centric, microservices-based, and driven by APIs (application programming interfaces) and by tools that support DevOps and agile processes.

The deployment of Red Hat’s mobile app system on OpenShift provides a common platform to support mobile workloads alongside traditional enterprise applications that need to be moved to the cloud. The company said in its statement: “With the new option for a fully supported on-premise deployment capability, customers can meet their specific management, regulatory and policy requirements for their mobile solutions.”

Cathal McGloin, VP of mobile platforms, Red Hat said: “The pursuit of digital transformation is giving rise to a new mobile enterprise, where application development is increasingly defined by emerging architectures, processes and platforms that can deliver greater business agility. Red Hat offers organizations a powerful stack, based on these modern technologies, to develop, integrate, deploy, and manage mobile applications alongside traditional workloads running in this portable cloud-agnostic containerized environment.”