Rethink IoT News ATW 205: Around The Web Roundup

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// M&A, Strategies, Alliances //

  • Intel has offloaded its Wind River embedded OS division to TPG, an investment firm. Intel bought Wind River for $884m in 2009. No price was given.
  • Microsoft has announced that it will invest $5bn into its IoT projects over the next four years, tripling its prior spending to date – which has totaled $1.5bn.

// Hardware //

  • AddSecure has picked Telit to supply it with modules to power AddSecure’s line of alarm systems and critical communications hardware – 40k customers in Europe.

// Networks, Protocols, & Wireless //

  • SpaceX has received FCC approval to launch 4,425 satellites in the Ka (20-30GHz) and Ku (11-14GHz) bands. The LEO constellation will provide broadband services.
  • Iridium has launched the latest batch of its Next satellites, which are aimed at serving L-band applications. Apparently, half its 1m connections are IoT devices.
  • EnOcean and Wirepas have partnered to demonstrate an energy harvesting lighting system that uses EnOcean switches and Wirepas’ mesh protocol to communicate.
  • ON World reports that two-thirds of LPWAN deployments are LoRa or Sigfox, with around a third of total deployments focused on smart cities – based on 100 responses.

// Big Data, Cloud, AI, and Machine-Learning //

  • Google is spinning out its AI assets, a little over two years after it combined them with its core search division, according to a report from The Information.
  • Electric Imp and Microsoft have partnered to provide an Azure IoT Hub integration for Electric Imp’s hardware and software platform, for its boards and impCloud.
  • 3M has picked C3 IoT to provide it with an IoT PaaS, to develop and deploy AI-based applications that will start with predictive healthcare and supply chain analytics.

// Industrial & Manufacturing //

  • 30MHz has announced that its range of sensing hardware will be supplied in the UK by Fargro, a wholesaler and supplier of commercial horticultural products.

// Retail, Marketing, & Supply Chain //

  • Zipline is bringing its second-gen delivery drones to the US, following much success in its Rwandan medical supplies delivery program – using its fixed-wing designs.

// Automotive //

  • Fleet Complete and GM have partnered, to integrate FC’s Connvex platform with GM’s OnStar service, to provide fleet management applications to customers.

// Security //

  • A large Hajime botnet has alarmed the cybersecurity community, carrying out scans that were caught in honeypots, as it looked for vulnerable devices from MikroTik. Notably, the company has had a firmware patch available for a year.
  • IoTroop, a variant of Mirai, was used to attack the financial sector in January, according to security firm Recorded Future.
  • ForeScout has expanded its Device Visibility Platform (CounterACT 8), increasing the number of devices that can be monitored in a single instance, with new IoT tools.

// Smart Grid & Utility //

  • Two Tesla solar roof customers have been interviewed by Electrek, and the prices are quite high – ranging between $50k and $100k – not as affordable as Tesla might hope.
  • EDF says it will invest up to $10bn in energy storage by 2035, looking to develop 10 GW of storage capacity, on top of the 5 GW it already has.
  • Amber Kinetics and Elemental Excelerator have partnered to provide Hawaiian Electric with a new four-hour 8 kW (32 kWh) flywheel storage system.
  • NorthWestern Energy has picked Itron to provide a grid modernization project, for its electric and gas systems in South Dakota and Nebraska, using OpenWay Riva IoT.

// And last but not least //

  • The US Army has published a whitepaper that outlines the future of warfare – the Internet of Battle Things, which will use drones and autonomous systems to augment human soldiers, with AI apparently due to play a major role.