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10 May 2022

UK government unveils four Open RAN deployment principles 

The UK government has announced four principles for development and deployment of Open RAN systems, to encourage interoperability and reduce chance of over-dominance by a few major vendors.  


The government stated there was a need for clarity on design characteristics of Open RAN, especially the adoption of standards and demonstration of interoperability between components. The aim is to ensure future government investment in Open RAN R&D will provide value for money and encourage innovation across the supply chain. 


The four principles are:  

  • open disaggregation, allowing elements of the RAN to be sourced from different suppliers 
  • standards-based compliance, allowing all suppliers to test systems in an open, neutral environment 
  • interoperability, ensuring disaggregated elements work together as a fully functional system 
  • and implementation neutrality, allowing suppliers to innovate and differentiate their products on features and performance.