Verimatrix floats security, analytics in AWS cloud, to scale the OTT wall

Content security specialist Verimatrix has launched a new cloud OTT product hosted on AWS infrastructure, allowing its existing operator customers using the Verimatrix Verspective, MultiRights OTT Plus and VCAS (Video Content Authority System) products to broaden the scope of deployment options.

The new product launch, called Secure Cloud, doesn’t touch on which deployment options specifically are being broadened here and by how much, but as with most cloud-based products, which are more often, than not, being implemented via AWS, Secure Cloud seems to really be about allowing operators to scale their security services to match the scaling out of OTT-delivered content.

We’re not entirely convinced this a totally new product, but rather a combination of its existing security and analytics software bundled together and popped into the cloud – although this doesn’t mean Secure Cloud isn’t any help.

By using AWS, customers can naturally gain global reach and presumably it includes access to in-house security options offered by AWS for additional defense against hacks, while Verimatrix handles the content security side via its multi-DRM software and forensic watermarking technologies. Crucially, the data being monitored all comes back to Verimatrix’s Network Operations Center for analysis by its Global Services Team.

The move to the cloud comes hand in hand with Verimatrix’s growing focus on the analytics side of the OTT ecosystem, and of course it emphasizes the security element with its Verspective Intelligence Center, which derives analytics in a cloud-based server, from requests witnessed for security keys. Verimatrix recently bought a device side analytics slice of UK audience measurement firm Genius Digital and before that bought the video analytics arm of Concurrent.

It says the deployment of Secure Cloud via AWS virtual private cloud includes private and secure storage for critical data and assets. Deployments of VCAS and Verspective software in the new product can also be integrated with other components including encoders, CDNs and CMS. Another recent and long overdue move by Verimatrix was to make its watermarking system compatible with any DRM.

The security side of Verimatrix is tried and tested with worldwide deployments, so the next target for the US firm is to provide operators with a data-driven approach using a cloud environment with the end goals of reducing subscriber churn and opening up new revenue streams. Unfortunately, this spells bad news for other QoE analytics players such as Conviva, which do much the same, but without the benefit of 15 years of working with 100s of clients.

Operators, technology vendors and OTT video providers seem to have little choice but to increase their reliance on AWS infrastructure to grow their reach accordingly and reduce hardware costs, but this means the cloud computing giant is encroaching on various territories of the OTT video ecosystem with no sign of slowing down. That is true for transcoding and streaming technologies, as well as security aspects – as scaling out to more consumers on more devices means a greatly increased attack footprint.

This is a decent example of the narrowing gap between the media entertainment industry and the emerging IoT market, an area AWS is taking particular advantage of. Security players such as Verimatrix, Nagra and Irdeto are making inroads into IoT, and we expect more IoT-related announcements to come from these companies before the year is out.

To this end, AWS launched Macie last week, a new machine learning tool for identifying sensitive information inside an AWS deployment, in order to better protect it. With AWS hosting content for the top three OTT streaming services in the US – Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video – security is becoming a necessary priority given the ever prevalent leaks and hacks grabbing headlines. We’re looking at you, HBO – a user of technology from BAMTech, which is itself hosted by AWS.

A handful of operators on the Verimatrix customer list may well be tempted to scale out their OTT video offerings following the launch of Secure Cloud. These include Cablevision in Argentina, Chungwha Telecom in Taiwan, Sweden’s Com Hem, Truevisions in Thailand, and Swisscom – to name a but a few of its 891-strong operator base.

Verimatrix President Steve Oetegenn said, “In order to drive their competitive profile and continued subscriber growth, operators are looking to more flexible deployment strategies for their critical service subsystems – that’s why Verimatrix is offering a managed cloud deployment approach. Verimatrix Secure Cloud puts operators at ease, knowing that their security and analytics implementations are expertly provisioned and updated by a trusted team, ultimately increasing their own business agility.”