Rethink TV is our video research team, producing market forecasts, technology white papers and tracking operator-technology vendor relationships in OTT video.

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Rethink TV is a research service with a series of monthly forecasts of core OTT video technologies and applications explaining how changing business models will revolutionize video delivery. It also comprises profiles of the 100 largest operators in the world, and the technology stacks they use to deliver OTT video content.

Available on an annual subscription basis, it’s designed as a tool to increase revenues from OTT video markets and survive the rethink of TV.


  • Rethink TV profiles | A library of over 100 OTT Operator Profiles is held at our website.  There are new updates to these profiles each week, providing analysis of the top TV operators globally.
  • Rethink TV reports/forecasts | The monthly delivery of a report/forecast to aid business decisions.
  • Exclusive web access | Paid subscribers have unlimited access to the full Rethink TV archives held at our website. [See the Back Catalogue of Reports below also.]
  • Access to Rethink TV’s Editor and Analysts for questions.
  • Full back-up service from our Client Relations team.


Group License | $3,800

Corporate License | $,5100

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