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Which sectors will make a killing in AI Forecast 2017 – 2023

“The AI bubble burst will clear the air for sustained growth in key sectors. This is more than double the expected annual return from AI even by 2023 and so there is no way this is going to generate a return on investment over the forecast period”

The AI bubble is due to burst after several years of sustained hype have generated unrealistic expectations that cannot be met and excessive investments that cannot possibly be paid back. This is the key message in this report on AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies.

This report finds the AI market will only reach $39 billion globally by the end of 2023, considerably less than most previous forecasts. The shortfall is explained by the fact that in some sectors, AI will flop dismally over the forecast period, while thriving in others.

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Introduction, 4

Forecast, 5

Agriculture, 7

Healthcare, 8

Automotive, 12

Manufacturing, 14

Cybersecurity, 17

Finance and Insurance, 19

Algorithmic Trading, 20

Fraud Detection, 20

Portfolio Management, 21

Underwriting, 21

Customer Support and personalization, 21

Sentiment Analysis, 22

Other sectors, 23

Robotics, 23

News and Media, 24

Risk and Compliance Management, 26

Software engineering and debugging, 26

Hardware and chip design, 27

Internet of Things, 28

Total Market, 30

Horizontal Sectors, 32

CRM, 32

Marketing and Advertising, 32

Sales, 34

eCommerce, 34

Vision and Language Forecast, 35

NLP (Speech), 36

Methodology for this report, 37

AI—Separating the Hype from the Promises, 38

What is AI?, 39

Why all the Hype now, 40

Debunking Complexity – An AI Primer, 42

The Big Players, 46

Google, 46

Microsoft, 47

Amazon, 49

IBM, 50

Apple, 51

Nvidia, 51

China’s Big three (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent), 53

Start Ups—Top 5 per sector, 54

Healthcare: iCarbonX, Zebra Medical, AiCure, Arterys, Babylon Health, 54

Automotive: Nutonomy, AEye,, Mighty AI, Nauto, 57

Manufacturing: C3 IoT, Sight Machine, FogHorn,, Kinema, 60

Finance and Insurance: Ping An, Heavy Water, Affirm, ClearCover, ShiftTech, 62

Robotics: Anki, Brain Corp, Kindred, UB Tech, Preferred Networks, 64

Cybersecyurity: CrowsStrike, Cybereason, Darktrace, Shape, PerimiterX, 66

About Rethink Technology Research 68



AI Agriculture Projects, 8

AI Healthcare Spend, 9

AI in Automotive 12 AI in Manufacturing, 16

AI in Cybersecurity 18 AI in Finance and Insurance, 22

Other AI Applications, 29

Total AI in Verticals Globally, 30

Total vertical AI market forecasts by Region to 2023, 30

Key AI vertical markets by size to 2023, 31

Horizontal markets AI (Non-overlapping with verticals), 33

Total Global AI Revenue – Vertical and Horizontal combined, 36