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How Android TV finally won the set top wars

How Android TV finally won the set top wars – Android TV Report and Forecast 2018-2022

In September of 2016 Google launched itself back into the pay TV market with the operator edition of Android TV, a follow up to the relatively unsuccessful first effort in 2009 and the relaunched Android TV that came out in 2014.

Depending upon who you believed, on the back of this Google was on the verge of virtually annihilating the pay TV set top market with Android TV.

Others pointed to the seriousness of this outcome, suggesting that operator data will find its way into Google’s hands, giving it an opportunity to snatch vital advertising markets from them.

Clearly operators will not jump both feet first into Android TV and some installations are deliberately worked alongside older set tops with flexible profiles, so that Operators are ready, if required, to change direction if Google’s attitude changes. One vendor made it clear that there is a choice between living with the cost of older middleware players, or with Comcast or living with Google. The choice of Google is now The choice of Google is now being seen as the lesser of two, if not three, evils – not its primary source.

After DTH operators, the next major opportunity is the virtual collapse of both Ericsson MediaFirst and also of the existing Cisco ecosystem, which will both largely give way to Android TV. In fact Azuki, the original 50 man US company that Ericsson acquired to strengthen the multiscreen side, was Android based, so that gives us a clue.

One interesting area is whether or not Google will be hostile to using Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, used in conjunction with Android TV.

Companies discussed in this report include:

3 Screen Solutions, A1Austria Telekom, Accedo, Altice, Altice, Amazon, America Movil, Amino, Apple, AT&T, Baidu, Bell Canada, Bharti Airtel, Bouygues, Canal+, Charter Communications, Cisco, Com Hem, Comcast, Cox Communications, Deutsche Telekom, DirecTV, Dish Networks, Dish Mexico, DNA Oy, Ericsson, Euskaltel, Foxtel, Google, Huawei, IBM, Iliad’s Free, iWedia, KDDI, Liberty Global, Metrological, Microsoft, Nagra, Netflix, Nuance, Numericable – SFR, Orange, Oregan, PCCW, Reliance Jio, Rogers, Roku, Sagemcom, Shaw, Sky, Swisscom, Telecom Italia, Telefonica, Televisa, Telia, Telkom Indonesia, Telus, Tencent, TiVo, Verimatrix, Wyplay, Zenterio, ZTE

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