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Automotive Cybersecurity

Automotive Cybersecurity:  A ticking time bomb we may just prevent from going off, but smaller car makers lag badly.  Automakers are crossing their fingers and hoping that connected cars will not be attacked. They refuse to work together and instead are moving forward with a multiplicity of security strategies which will be weaker than going down the standards route.

Automakers are being all too slowly drawn to modern security techniques to plug the security holes in connected cars. Riot questions whether that transition can happen swiftly enough to avert potential disaster…

This 26 page paper aims to concisely convey our current thinking on the matter.  To find out more about this report, download a copy of the Executive Summary

1). Introduction

Recent History

The Paradigm Shift – Autonomous Vehicles:

2). Current Security Approaches


Emerging Tools

Smartphone Apps – a big problem

The Infamous Jeep Hack

The Risk’s Scope

The Lower Stack Layers – Expanding Codebases

3). Industry Perspectives

BlackBerry QNX

Domain Controllers

Today’s Security

The Future

Seven Pillars

Rohde & Schwarz






The Jeep touch-point

The Automotive Market