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Is Blockchain right for your business?

Enterprise Blockchain

This 30-page report gives real world examples of multiple Blockchain “proof of concept” installations throughout the IoT marketplace, and reports on their level of success.

These concrete examples have led to improvements in stock markets, automobile log-books, supply chain management, financial services, ocean freight and ports, health management, quality tracking in retail, paperless trade, asset ledgers, food waste reduction, clinical trials and storing genome data, to name but a few, as well as one system used to combat food poisoning.

Quietly Blockchain is changing the way the world thinks about ledgers – taking them from private, concealed ledgers – which only a handful of people in one company can interrogate – into a public shared record, which can afford to put openness first, simply because of its immutable and tamper-proof nature.

In the future, blockchain ledgers may well replace credit card accounting, manufacturing control systems, as well as cyber security and security audits, and will go on to form the basis for data marketplaces – in the IoT world, data marts are the cheapest way to give companies access to large databases of sensor data around large projects like Smart Cities, on a usage basis.

This report will bring you examples of how Blockchain can change the economics of your business, and when by, and help ensure you do not miss out on this dramatic revolution in how data is held.

Who should buy this report?

The simple answer is anyone working in strategy in the IoT marketplace would benefit from this report, but also anyone working in food retailing, financial services or logistics and supply chain, whether you are in the core lines of business or in the IT side of the business or a technology supplier.

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1). Introduction p.3

Potential Scope p.4

2). How a blockchain works p.6

3). Current State – Alliances and Vendors p.10

Hyperledger – Fabric and Sawtooth p.10

R3CEV – a ledger, not a blockchain p.12

Newer Entrants Enterprise Ethereum Alliance p.14

Trusted IoT Alliance p.15

4). Adopters and Projects p.16

Intel p.16

Microsoft p.17

IBM p.18

Oracle p.19

HPE p.20

Smaller Players – AWS, SAP, Baidu, Ericsson, GE, Fujitsu, PwC, Allianz, EY p.20

5). Case Studies Automobile logbooks – Renault, Microsoft, Viseo, Aeron p.22

Supply chains – IBM, Walmart, Maersk, China p.23

Other Notable Examples – IOTA, Zest Labs, Filament, Data Marketplaces p.25

6). The Startup Perspective – Xain’s automotive machine-learning p.27