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IoT Endpoints Security Revenue — Forecast to 2023 | EXECUTIVE SUMMARY | Free Download

IoT Endpoints are the Key to Security Revenues

“Spending on IoT security is rising faster than on cybersecurity as a whole and that is also true for endpoints, as our figures show.”

Total global endpoint security revenues will rise three-fold from $2 billion per year at present to $6 billion by 2023, outstripping the average for cybersecurity over the next five years, despite security still being a grudge purchase which everybody hates.

Investment in IoT endpoint security will be led by the commercial sector where enterprises have already committed over $1 billion a year globally in vertical industry specific applications, and spending will grow in business and industrial sectors 20-fold over the next five years.

This is about half the global endpoint security total. These are among key findings of the latest Rethink Riot Research forecast on IoT Endpoint Security through 2023.

Currently, there are vast differences between IoT sectors in commitment to security, which do not necessarily reflect the risks. Consumer IoT devices such as security cameras have already been recruited into botnets that have launched devastating DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, but since users themselves are not the victims, they are unwilling to pay for security which would resist such compromises.

Who should buy this report:

This report is aimed at heads of security in operators, security software and hardware vendors in the IoT space, device makers and their investors at the C suite level, CEO, CFO and security operations and heads of planning at operators.

Security has always bene a grudge purchase, driven mostly by the likelihood or corporate harm, which is rising in awareness among industrial players, operators and security providers —securing the endpoints of the network has to be done in parallel with security access to collected cloud held data, but come under a different set of imperatives in some cases the price reflects that, being a tiny fraction of central security and cyber security costs, in others the endpoint is vital.

This report will help you:

• Understand the type of security needed at each point in any IoT service

• Budget costs accurately for such end point security

• Establish best of breed security practises across different end point types

• Set the expectations of senior management with regard to security costs

Companies mentioned in this report:

Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, ARM, Audi, Bosch, Canonical, Dell, Dyn, Escrypt, Fraunhofer Institute, Free University of Berlin, Google, Infineon, Inside Secure, Itemis, Jeep, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Nest, Neustar, Panasonic, Prove and Run, RSA, Schutzwerk, SecFor Carsproject, SoftBank, Staples, Thales, University of Ulm, University of Braunschweig, University of Munich, Verimatrix, Volkswagen, Vormetric, Xerox, Zigbee Alliance

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Contents: 2

Introduction: 3

Forecast snapshot on IoT security costs: 4

Sectors: 10

Smart City: 10

Consumer: 13

Commercial: 15

Connected Car: 18

Healthcare: 20

Agriculture: 22

Geographical Dimension: 22

Endpoint Security Technology Snapshot: 31

Business Models: 34

Conclusion: 37

IoT Endpoint Security Total Costs ($ millions): 4

Consumer Endpoint Revenue by Geography ($ millions): 5

Consumer Total Security Costs ($ millions): 6

Commercial Security Costs: 7

Connected Car Security Costs ($ millions): 8

Healthcare IoT Security Endpoint Costs ($ millions): 8

Smart City Endpoint Security Costs ($ millions): 11

Security Costs Smart City Devices 2017: 12

Security Costs Smart City Devices 2023: 13

Consumer Endpoint Sectors 2017 – 2023: 15

Security Costs Commercial 2017: 17

Security Costs Commercial 2023: 18

Connected Car Security Costs by Geography: 20

Healthcare Endpoint Security Costs by Geography: 21

Healthcare IoT Endpoints by Geography 2017: 23

Healthcare IoT Endpoints by Geography 2023: 24

Security Endpoints Consumer Devices 2017: 25

Security Endpoints Consumer Devices 2023: 26

Commercial IoT Endpoints by Geography 2017: 27

Commercial IoT Endpoints by Geography 2023: 27

Connected Car Endpoints by Geography 2017: 28

Connected Car Endpoints by Geography 2023: 29

Smart City by Geography 2023: 30

Smart City by Geography 2027: 30