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MNOs look to MEC to deliver 5G class apps | EXECUTIVE SUMMARY | Free Download

Forecast for Edge Compute for MNOs: 2018 – 2025

“Mobile operators need to be chasing MEC (Mobile Edge Compute) as much as they are 5G. Many 5G revenues streams will rely on MEC being in place. Operators who fail to adopt an early strategy for Edge will struggle.”

Edge compute is one of the biggest topics in the mobile telecoms world as operators approach deployment of 5G. Combining compute and storage capabilities with high speed connectivity and putting it close to the user, can support many of the use cases which are expected to make the business case for 5G, especially any which require very low latency, strong levels of security or local control of data, or deep personalization. In those cases, the closer the processing and connectivity resources can be kept to the user, and to one another, the better the experience should be.

This report not only shows how central MEC is to the thinking of mobile operators, but it explains the choices within MEC, and shows which operators are embracing which MEC architectures, and why. It points to the magnitude of savings which are possible in signaling offload and fronthaul and backhaul. The report walks the reader through the key barriers to deployment, whether to build or partner, and we see pushback against webscale partners, with operators not wanting to become too dependent upon their current cloud offerings.

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  1. Executive Summary
  2. Edge compute poses difficult decisions for MNOs
  3. Edge compute architectures
  4. Where is the edge?
  5. Some operators are setting the early pace
  6. Diversity of approach will drive deployments, but also fragmentation
    1. Forecasts and key barriers
  7. Build or partner?
  8. Cloud providers – partners or rivals?
  9. Targeted edge compute use cases for MNOs
  10. Two contrasting use case examples
    1. Content delivery networks
    2. The enterprise sub-net
  11. Non-MNO deployers of enterprise and IoT edge node
  12. Conclusion