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OTT video in Switzerland

OTT video in Switzerland is well established, as you would expect with a market that has an advanced broadband infrastructure. But this is not a market where broadcasters dominate TV with catch up services, except through partnerships with other providers. Also Switzerland has a number of local and one or two international pure play OTT video providers offering both free TV in catch up format for local channels, and also in a paid format.

OTT video value in switzerland
There are already 3.9 million separate OTT accounts across both paid and free services in Switzerland.

The team at Faultline have put this, the OTT video in Switzerland report together using data from the Rethink OTT Intelligence database and the Deals Done tracking database.

The OTT Video in Switzerland report contains 3 operator and service profiles, Swisscom, UPC Cablecom and Zattoo. The report forecasts the Swiss OTT video customers through to 2020, paid OTT in Switzerland viewers, the market share and value of paid OTT in Switzerland. The report looks at Teleboy, Wilmaa, My Prime, Zattoo, Netflix.

The OTT Video in Switzerland report delivers the following:

  • 3 Operator and service profiles from our ROI database, Swisscom, UPC cablecom, Zattoo
  • Operations and figures
  • Technology suppliers of each
  • The OTT video offering of each
  • The Technology detailed of each
  • The deals tracked in 2015 to 2016
  • Trend and analysis
  • Links to related articles.

The report is 19 pages long, and can be purchased direct from our store, Individual profiles can be purchased at $75.00 each.