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December 13, 2022

Rethink TV: The 2022 Retrospective

Rethink TV summarise all of their reports from the past couple of years. What follows are our high-level thoughts on our output over the past couple of years, and where relevant, our thoughts on how the updates of these datasets will be impacted by recent developments in the sectors. These are intended to give subscribers an insight into where the next year will take us.

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Rethink TV

Rethink TV is a research & data service publishing OTT technology forecasts, explaining how changing business models will revolutionize video delivery.  Rethink TV also tracks the top global Pay TV operators/streaming service providers and their relationships with technology vendors. Available on an annual subscription basis, Rethink TV is designed as a tool to increase revenues from OTT video markets and survive the rethink of TV.