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What will we watch video on? Rethinking TV…

A question on every pay TV operator, MNO and tech supplier mind

Whichever field of video you work in, it will be disrupted – whether a pay TV operator, an MNO, or a tech supplier, we are looking at continuous uncertainty…

“Ever since 1990 when the Internet became open to a wider community beyond academia and defense, there has been a constant feeling of transformation for any industry which can transport its product as bits, rather than as atoms. TV entertainment is one such market.”

A service which can be delivered over the internet has typically been partially replaced by a digital version of the service.  New revenue models have become possible and have supplanted traditional services.  We are seeing this applied to TV through the combination of Advertising Video on Demand, Subscriber VoD and TV Everywhere, as an internet delivered defense for pay TV and some products which are hybrids of these.

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