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Riot – IoT Mergers & Acquisitions and Significant Deals Done 2018, Q1

Helping leadership gauge the value in IoT mergers

The M&A list is an archive of mergers and acquisitions that were made since 2014, which can be firmly located within the world of the Internet of Things (IoT). Currently, it defines 65 deals made in 2015, and 116 in 2016, and 171 in 2017– by far the busiest year for IoT M&A activity, as companies focused on acquiring specialized additions to their portfolios.

The SDD list is an archive of significant commercial deals and partnerships that were made since 2014, which can be firmly located within the world of the IoT. It currently charts 130 entries in 2015, with 272 in 2016, and 388 in 2017– again, a reflection on the increasing interest in the IoT among businesses. As companies move from product launches into live commercial deployments, keeping track of the significant deals becomes more important for both investors and competitors.

The two databases include a text document that outlines trends and significant deals in the list, as well as quarterly breakdowns for the M&A list.

Both databases are refreshed on a quarterly basis, where the latest version will be sent to paying subscribers to the service. The updates will include new entries that have occurred since the last edition, as well as any changes that have been brought to light by our ongoing research and industry contacts.

The databases are also made available to subscribers of Riot, our weekly news service that includes monthly forecasts and these database updates.

Presented as a table, with filters, the list includes the following columns:

Quarter; Date; Primary Entity; Secondary Entity/Entities; Deal Type; Trend; Region/Territory; Immediate Consequence; Source.

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