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Riot Annual Survey, February 2017

These are the results of Riot’s inaugural annual survey. In short, we thought it high-time for a survey of our readers, to find out what they have been up to in their respective sectors.

We simply used three mail-shots and a link in our regular email campaigns to collect responses. We didn’t offer incentives, or aggressively bombard our readers with notifications – we simply asked if they had an IoT story they could tell, and pointed them to a survey.

The main take-away is that the IoT projects, on the whole, are going rather well for the companies that have undertaken them. While we’re sure that those with bad stories to tell are less likely to share them, our respondents suggest that the IoT is having a transformative effect on businesses – with 75% saying they planned to bring IoT tech to other areas of their business.

Report Contents:
  • Key Takeaways p.2
  • Introduction and Context p.3
  • Demographics p.4
  • The Plan p.5
  • The Deployment p.9
  • Post-Deployment p.12
  • Methodology p.15
  • Survey Conclusions p.15


  • Company’s Core Markets p.4
  • Job Function p.4
  • Where is the project being installed? p.5

The Plan:

  • Main factor for the IoT deployment p.6
  • When was the IoT identified as key? p.6
  • What was the project’s budget? p.7
  • When did you expect to see ROI? p.7
  • How difficult did you anticipate the roll-out being? p.8

The Deployment:

  • What unexpected difficulties were encountered? p.9
  • What was the most challenging part? p.9
  • What was the easiest part? p.10
  • Who carried out the deployment? p.10
  • What was the best moment of the project? p.11
  • What was the worst moment of the project? p.11
  • Did you come in on budget? p.12
  • Are you planning on bringing IoT to other areas of your business? p.14
  • Have you achieved the expected ROI? p.13