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January 25, 2023

Global Electricity forecast to 2050 - Who will be the Renewables giants post 2030

Report Summary

  • Our global electricity forecast shows clearly how the Russian Ukraine war brings forward the demise of oil and gas
  • Australia, Chile, Norway, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Oman and Mauritania are the unlikely candidates to experience the sort of economic power as energy exporters which Saudi Arabia and Russia have today,
  • Customers for high energy imports will be drawn from Europe as well as the South-East Asian countries like Singapore, Philippines, Japan and Vietnam
  • The oil market will shrink by 20% in 2030 and since almost half of Saudi Arabia’s GDP comes from oil sales, it will lose significant economic strength, as will countries around it
  • Every country’s fossil fuel mix will be significantly depleted by 2030, and many household company names in oil, coal and gas will be gone.


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