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The Multi-AP WiFi Revolution | EXECUTIVE SUMMARY | Free Download

How WiFi Jumps 10x and Takes Over the World

“WiFi will move from the 50 Mbps service to all parts of the home that it approaches today, to ten times that speed. We expect some parts of the home to enjoy 1 Gbps to 2 Gbps.”

There is something of a revolution raging quietly through the world’s broadband operators – with the potential to upgrade at least 1 billion homes with Home Gateway and cloud software which will turn operator controlled WiFi into a kind of Super WiFi.

In fact not only are the world’s broadband operators at it, some DTH operators with no broadband pipe are hijacking WiFi to turn it to their own purposes – so everyone is getting in on this.

The first stage of this requires a simple upgrade to home gateway software so that it controls policy on the device and talks to the cloud, and for further improvements, it requires the delivery of more than a single Access Point in each home – what we now call Multi-AP, in either extender or mesh configurations.

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Global Multi-AP installations by 2023, 17

North America growth in WiFi management to 2023, 18

North America growth Multi-AP to 2023, 19

Managed WiFi Homes in Europe to 2023, 20

European multi-AP homes to 2023, 20

Growth in manged WiFi homes in Asia to 2023, 21

Multi-AP Homes in Asia Pacific by 2023, 22

Latam Managed WiFi homes by 2023, 24

Latam Multi-AP WiFi homes by 2023, 25