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The Multi-AP WiFi Revolution: How WiFi Jumps 10x and Takes Over the World

We expect some parts of the home to enjoy 1 Gbps to 2 Gbps

“WiFi will move from the 50 Mbps service to all parts of the home that it approaches today, to ten times that speed”

There is something of a revolution raging quietly through the world’s broadband operators – with the potential to upgrade at least 1 billion homes with Home Gateway and cloud software which will turn operator controlled WiFi into a kind of Super WiFi. In fact not only are the world’s broadband operators at it, some DTH operators with no broadband pipe are hijacking WiFi to turn it to their own purposes – so everyone is getting in on this.

The first stage of this requires a simple upgrade to home gateway software so that it controls policy on the device and talks to the cloud, and for further improvements it requires the delivery of more than a single Access Point in each home – what we now call MultiAP, in either extender or mesh configurations.

But we have established that DTH providers like Sky and DirecTV have already taken control of home gateways provided by other operators, by the simple expedient of switching off the home gateway WiFi and plugging a WiFi mesh node directly into the router. If a broadband supplier does not do this, the TV supplier might, which increases pressure to get on and manage WiFi in the first place before someone else does it and takes the credit.

WiFi will move from the 50 Mbps service to all parts of the home that it approaches today, to ten times that speed in real terms. Remember we are talking about in ALL parts of each home – we expect this to reach at least a 500 Mbps signal – with some parts of the home enjoying 1 Gbps to 2 Gbps.

Today hardware vendors advertise these WiFi speeds commonly, when in actual fact they are almost never experienced. The vagaries of radio performance meaning that most speed tests come out well below 50 Mbps as you move around a home.

This report is about explaining how this will work and shows the speeds that will come about – most of it like an iceberg – with 90% of it happening below the surface – invisible to the end user. The outcome will be a savage re-instatement of operator controlled WiFi, which will inevitably make huge dents in the WiFi retail market, and a shift in broadband market control to a new class of “early adopter” broadband player. AT&T and Verizon in the US, in particular, are betting their broadband futures on a return to being able to.

Who should read this report and why?

Operators must get ready for 1 Gbps broadband, which are today in their infancy. To achieve that WIFi must change and today most operator activity is about putting in cloud management software and extra Access Points into each home, rather than simply shifting to 802.11AX.

The Multi-AP revolution is being carried out to enable video to the home and so every OTT operator, all MNOs and their technology suppliers MUST be aware of the changes coming to WiFi.

This is a strategic issue for C suite executives in cellular operators, OTT video services, ISPs, pay TV operators, and their equipment and software suppliers, and investors.

This report will tell you:

• How rapidly Multi-AP WiFi will deploy across the globe

• Which suppliers are currently leading the pack

• Help you decide which flavor of WiFi is right for you

• How much Opex you stand to save if you move to Multi-AP

Operators will build strategies to:

• Take back control of their home gateways from retail

• Massively improve Net Promoter Scores

• Reduce churn to zero overnight

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