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Transcasting and the Birth of the Smart IP pipe | EXECUTIVE SUMMARY | Free Download

How Multicast ABR gives ISPs a chance at displacing the CDN

“The Multicast ABR market will accelerate slowly, initially in Europe, and then catch fire in North America and Latin America, and finally take off belatedly in the Far East in advanced Chinese and Asia Pacific markets. Collectively these markets will be worth $852.2 million annually by 2023.”

When we first saw an adaptive bit rate video delivery and had the technology explained to us, we didn’t feel it was a likely candidate to replace IGMP enabled multicast IPTV – which used a fixed bit rate. Mostly because the video it produced really looked like a broadcast and ABR did not. But first impressions can sometimes be wrong, and we now know that ABR delivery will end up replacing IPTV almost entirely.

Throughout the decade while internet video grew, we have always returned to the question, “How will this scale to replace TV.” If there were 5 companies which sent out as much video as Netflix, then the internet would surely grind to a halt.

Global subscriptions are just beginning – initially in Europe and Latin America – and this technology will ramp over the next two years, particularly in Europe, which will overtake the US, before a late start to MABR in Asia Pacific will see it emerge as the global leading market for Multicast enabled ABR.

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