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Rethink Technology Research Terms and Conditions

Rethink Technology Research (Rethink) produces weekly research services, periodic research papers and forecasts for sale. It also completes confidential consulting assignments for clients.

In all of its product lines Rethink retains ownership of the delivered materials and the copyright associated with them. In the case of bespoke consulting Rethink retains copyright but allows the clients full rights for internal distribution and in cases where Rethink specifically grants permission, external distribution also.

Any research tools, methodologies, questionnaires, or proprietary research and data, will remain Rethink’s property as long as it started out as our property, and any which began as clients property shall remain the property of the client and will remain their property.

Rethink believes at the time of writing and delivery of any written product, that it is essentially true, accurate, complete and not misleading and Rethink has used its best endeavors to ensure that all sources cited are reliable. Rethink Technology Research cannot accept any liability for any part of our delivered product being inaccurate or incomplete.

By ordering the services all customers agree that Rethink may mention the client in promotional material as a “client.” And by placing an order, the customers agrees that he or she will comply with these terms and conditions.

Rethink publications are invoiced in full upon receipt of order, and they are non-cancellable, and may be terminated only for a material breach, upon 30 days written notice.

Only the individuals named in our invoice may access the services and each licensed user can request a unique password, which may not be shared for accessing data on our web site.

Purchases made on this website are sales, and customers cannot automatically request a refund. If they get the wrong report, or can show that the order was made in error, or by someone unauthorised to make it, then Rethink, at its sole discretion, may agree to refund payment. But if a buyer simply does not agree with the conclusions of a report, or simply changes his or her mind, no refunds will be issued.

Rethink Technology Research Limited is a UK registered company, registered number 06531235 and registered address Unit S4, Bristol & Exeter House, Lower Approach Road, Temple Meads, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS1 6QS