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Rethink Energy Research

Rethink Energy is the only service specifically designed to explain and forecast the changing energy landscape and its investment possibilities as renewables begin to take over from conventional fossil fuels

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    Rethink Energy is about rethinking the generation of electricity on a global scale. We focus on the countries which are the largest users of electricity or which have the greatest possibilities in renewable energy, and blend these together into a single Annual Primary Electricity forecast. Its components are each available separately and include projections for solar, wind, hydro, and nuclear, the decline of coal and gas, and the multiple uses of the emerging hydrogen marketplace including making steel and cement.

    We have also modeled any fresh use of electricity such as charging Electric Vehicles, producing Ammonia to fuel shipping, and the transition from gas to electricity in home heating.

    We believe that our model shows the rise of many new markets which will require investment and which will yield extraordinary returns. Many of these are represented in the rise of Gigafactories – manufacturing environments within which 1GW or more of capacity are made each year in batteries, novel energy storage, electrolyzers, fuel cells and heat pumps, as energy ceases to be quite so project oriented, and becomes more commoditized.

    Rethink Energy will also give indicators and clues of the speed at which fossil fuel markets will evaporate.

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    • Rethink Energy offers weekly analysis and each year produces at least 20 research papers, start-up interviews, 10 forecasts along with a weekly podcast. These are all available for a single corporate subscription price, although some start-ups and specialist firms may be allowed to purchase an individual piece of research if they request it. Email [email protected] with any requests for information.
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