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Faultline provides a framework of technical understanding to help predict the future of digital entertainment and the global broadband economy.

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    Faultline is a forward-thinking collection of paid weekly research articles, which help people in leadership make informed business decisions. The research service focuses on video networks, OTT, Pay TV and entertainment, and analyzes the seismic shifts reverberating through the digital media industries on a weekly basis.

    Faultline delivers vital competitive intelligence for companies involved in the transformation of television from a broadcast analog medium, to the modern OTT digital services of tomorrow. The service analyzes the week’s events, looking at how changing business models will revolutionize video delivery, tracking core OTT video technologies and applications. Faultline produces around 12 long-form articles each week and gives you a roundup of OTT video news, deals, launches and products, an invaluable curation of relevant changes within the industry, written clearly and accurately.

    “We use Rethink Research – in particular Faultline, their weekly newsletter – to inform, and occasionally challenge, our view of the competitive landscape. Their qualitative analysis, which sticks closely to an investigative-journalism model, allows us to separate fact from fiction, and to probe the chasm that can exist between what competitors claim to do, and what they actually deliver into the hands of customers.”  Synamedia Intelligence Team
    “Faultline is a convenient resource for industry news, with analysis which helps place the news into historic and market context. Faultline’s coverage is quite broad; offering a window into adjacent markets as well.”  Harmonic Inc.
    “Faultline provides our strategy team with deep, accurate and timely knowledge. It is this unfiltered and objective data, written in human readable language, that ensures our fast continued innovation and market response.”  Bridge Technologies

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    • Faultline Issue | Weekly long form articles, which analyze and discuss the week’s events and disruptions in the TV ecosystem.
    • Exclusive web access | Paid subscribers have unlimited access to the full Faultline archives held at our website.
    • Webinars | Paid subscribers get to talk to our experienced analysts and get answers to some of the most critical questions concerning the industry and technologies driving it.
    • Faultline Podcast | An audio companion to the Faultline weekly analysis service
    • Access to Faultline’s team for questions.
    • Full back-up service from our Client Relations team.
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