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Faultline and Rethink TV offer bespoke consulting services, providing unrivalled insight and data. Our proximity to the market, and our industry connections, are key here.

Our expert analysts are also available for speaking opportunities at your webinars and events.

We have been asked to do everything from designing a City backhaul network for ubiquitous WiFi, to launching a Good News internet TV channel for the Middle East. We write white papers on technical positioning of software products in the video delivery chain, and we have carried out market sizing studies for M&A and investors.

In essence, we are expert in the underlying technologies of delivering video products – the supply chain that begins with delivered video formats from content producers, and travels through satellite distribution and real time delivery for video through satellite, telco broadband and cable, to end users.

This supply line is complex and, in today’s streaming world, takes in origin servers, encryption and DRM, just-in-time packaging, CDNs, as well as managed network delivery, Adaptive Bit Rate streaming, ancient but essential internet protocols like IGMP, and layer upon layer of software, which all have to work together, from the cloud to the set top to the phone.

In the end, we also justify being expert in WiFi and in-home networks like MoCA and and broadband access, including G.Fast and DOCSIS 3.1, simply because they are the final potential bottlenecks in a video journey, which often begins many thousands of miles away.

We have revenue models for all of these software layers, from fast transport mechanisms like Secure Reliable Transport (SRT), to in-home multicast ABR, recommendation systems, Intelligent Wifi, and video analytics. If we don’t already have the data, we know how to find it – we know all the companies playing in the segment or have a model so close to it, we can swiftly massage that data to arrive at something you can rely on.

One of our key offerings in Rethink TV is knowing the detailed technology stack of the top 100 pay TV operators globally.

If you have a consulting query, we would be glad to consider it and offer you a quote. Please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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