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The Faultline Podcast is an audio companion to Rethink Technology Research’s Faultline service, a weekly news service that examines the video market – focused on Pay TV, OTT, SVoD, and the technology that supports them. Occasionally, our Rethink TV research wing stops by too.

The Faultline Podcast hits the most important points from the last week’s news. If you’re in the business world and deal with video content, Faultline is a service you need.

Hosted by Alex Davies, Tommy Flanagan, and Rafi Cohen

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15 October 2020

The Faultline Podcast 12

ATSC 3.0 flashes glimmer of hope

Gimbal nets TrueX for CTV play

AMD buys Xilinx to screw on Intel

Plume still cranky

(Faultline issue: 862)

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8 October 2020

The Faultline Podcast 11

Plume shuts us out – we reckon Comcast shut it out too

iQIYI ad auctions ramp up

ATT realizes copper probably shouldn’t be sold these days

(Faultline issue: 861)

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1 October 2020

The Faultline Podcast 10

ConnecTechAsia’s questionable theme music

Scripps snaps up ON

SpaceX IPO hints in price cut confusion

(Faultline issue: 860)

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17 September 2020

The Faultline Podcast 09

Anevia goes full cloud but should you?

WideOrbit taps Amagi for OTT ads

Mulans China debut is a dud

(Faultline issue: 858)

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10 September 2020

The Faultline Podcast 08

IBC whiffs in very disappointing virtual show

The edge gets undue veneration

Advertising panel brings boomer humor to the fore

(Faultline issue: 857)

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4 September 2020

The Faultline Podcast 07

Synamedia assembles cloud packed burrito

ATT selling Xandr but no one wants to buy

Intel shows off next-gen studio capture rig

(Faultline issue: 856)

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28 August 2020

The Faultline Podcast 06

Coax debates with CableLabs

Netflix’s shuffle feature seems dumb

Box offices tentatively open again

(Faultline issue: 855)

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14 August 2020

The Faultline Podcast 05

Faultline on vacation – sister service, Rethink TV, takes over the mic.

Join analysts Alex Davies and Rafi Cohen, as they discuss their findings from Rethink TVs latest five year forecast – sizing up the online video platforms outside of the Pay-TV ecosystem.

Buy this forecast here:  Long Form, Social Media and Gaming – online video forecast to 2025

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31 July 2020

The Faultline Podcast 04

No more Mr. Nice Guy – Vecima’s Gainspeed buy takes fight to DAA big boys

Plex, Pluto TV steer LSG into linear-hybrid – attracting M&A attention?

Cogeco whips out fixed wireless tests in Canadian cable-reach creep

(Faultline issue: 852)

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27 July 2020

The Faultline Podcast 03

V-Nova hints at LCEVC license plan, with risky traction over cash strategy

New Kids on the Block – online video grows to challenge pay TV

Nowtilus’ gives MediaMelon some legs

(Faultline issue: 851)

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