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The Faultline Podcast is an audio companion to Rethink Technology Research’s Faultline service, a weekly news service that examines the video market – focused on Pay TV, OTT, SVoD, and the technology that supports them. Occasionally, our Rethink TV research wing stops by too.

The Faultline Podcast hits the most important points from the last week’s news. If you’re in the business world and deal with video content, Faultline is a service you need.

Hosted by Alex Davies, Tommy Flanagan, and Rafi Cohen

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27 January 2022

The Faultline Podcast 65

A changing of the guard in the PR world

Vodafone goes UEI for voice

Comcast never did Multicast-ABR it turns out

Euro wrangling in DSA advertising has global impact

(Faultline issue 923)

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20 January 2022

The Faultline Podcast 64

Say It Now breaks Faultline’s event dry spell

albert and LoCaT kick off a year of green tech focus

(Faultline issue 922)

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13 January 2022

The Faultline Podcast 63

V-Nova gets Brazilian goldrush

Operators fully grasp Multi-AP, says Rethink TV

Nvidia’s Omniverse in metaverse dominion play

(Faultline issue 921)

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6 January 2022

The Faultline Podcast 62

CES an OLED orgy but Faultline looks ahead to 2022

CES weirder side unveils big want for Amagami Ham Ham nibbling cat toy

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9 December 2021

The Faultline Podcast 61

To the surprise of absolutely no one, IBC’s online plan B arrives with a bang and a whimper – including HBO Max’s Johannes Larcher who did little to inspire, bar a few exclusive nuggets.

9 December 2021

The Faultline Podcast 60

Facebook calls for codec pollution solution

WBAs WiFi 6E trial was neat but an MDU test would have been neater

Broadpeak quietly wins M-ABR deal with DAZN

(Faultline issue 918)

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2 December 2021

The Faultline Podcast 59

Faultline rejoices as IBC void filled by V-Nova VR demo

This is not a drill. Faultline’s Tommy Flanagan swings in to Bristol University this week for a long overdue face-to-face chat and VR demo with V-Nova CEO Guido Meardi – which transpires to be a rollercoaster of events to help drown our IBC 2021 sorrows.

2 December 2021

The Faultline Podcast 58

V-Nova pulls off VR razzle-dazzle in Temple Meads mad dash

2GTHR gets up close and personal with intimate music video platform

Ateme reckons HDR mess is great for business

(Faultline issue 917)

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25 November 2021

The Faultline Podcast 57

RIP IBC 2021 – Long Live NAB 2022

Part 2 of Faultline’s outpouring of grief at the loss of IBC 2021, as we fear for the start-up community, take it out on our own colleagues, and look ahead to Las Vegas in April 2022.

25 November 2021

The Faultline Podcast 56

Cable Cowboy does a ramble and Nested hasn’t a clue

WiFi-6E’s slow emergence does not deter vendors

Russian operators get smart TV pre-installation monopoly win

(Faultline issue 916)

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