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The Faultline Podcast is an audio companion to Rethink Technology Research’s Faultline service, a weekly news service that examines the video market – focused on Pay TV, OTT, SVoD, and the technology that supports them. Occasionally, our Rethink TV research wing stops by too.

The Faultline Podcast hits the most important points from the last week’s news. If you’re in the business world and deal with video content, Faultline is a service you need.

Hosted by Alex Davies, Tommy Flanagan, and Rafi Cohen

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8 April 2021

The Faultline Podcast 32

Quantum streaming is kinda legit – says Red5Pro

ViacomCBS flies too close to the sun

Calix nails 99% uptake of managed WiFi with Norvado

(Faultline issue: 885)

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1 April 2021

The Faultline Podcast

No Podcast this week, Easter break.

25 March 2021

The Faultline Podcast 31

Faultline Summit unearths Deutsche Telekom’s Android TV schemes

Oppo is AOMedia’s latest AV1 evangelist

NFL doubles TV takings to 110 billion

(Faultline issue: 883)

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18 March 2021

The Faultline Podcast 30

Synamedia Go is a stutter in an OTT sprint

Ateme plugs hole with Digitalrich

AV1s first hardware transcoder arrives via NetInt

(Faultline issue: 882)

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11 March 2021

The Faultline Podcast 29

Cinedigm has big things planned for FoundationTV

Amazon and Facebook in OTT sports tussle

US Pay TV losses are at 6 million annually and what sign do you have that this will slow any time soon?

(Faultline issue: 881)

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4 March 2021

The Faultline Podcast 28

Kaltura preps unicorn IPO

Roku snaffles Nielsens ad tools

MediaKind updates Dolby Vision in muddy HDR market

(Faultline issue: 880)

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25 February 2021

The Faultline Podcast 27

Accedo and Net Insight in tale of two sales

DVB tries not to pull an ATSC 3.0 with targeted ads

Disney Star seems to lack star power

(Faultline issue: 879)

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18 February 2021

The Faultline Podcast 26

Synamedia debuts Clarissa wolf in sheep clothing

Technicolor and Hoppr target churn via ads

Does Disney care about BAMTech and is AWS trying to poach?

(Faultline issue: 878)

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11 February 2021

The Faultline Podcast 25

Proximus finally nails Android-TV

Parrot Analytics finds golden breadcrumbs

Super-Bowl TV ratings slump as lawsuit looms

(Faultline issue: 877)

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5 February 2021

The Faultline Podcast 24

Vodafone hits RDK-Android crunchtime decision

Comcast gives us a peek at Sky’s books for once

Plume and Akamai plot SMB smart gear push

(Faultline issue: 876)

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