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The Faultline Podcast is an audio companion to Rethink Technology Research’s Faultline service, a weekly news service that examines the video market – focused on Pay TV, OTT, SVoD, and the technology that supports them. Occasionally, our Rethink TV research wing stops by too.

The Faultline Podcast hits the most important points from the last week’s news. If you’re in the business world and deal with video content, Faultline is a service you need.

Hosted by Alex Davies, Tommy Flanagan, and Rafi Cohen

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30 September 2021

The Faultline Podcast 49

Intertrust does a sneaky split

VideoAmp poised for Nielsen showdown

Allegro DVT and Beamr buddy on encoding silicon but supply chain constraints persist

(Faultline issue 908)

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16 September 2021

The Faultline Podcast 48

Telestream teases Wirecast-Sherpa

LG debuts River OS for ad-centric STVs

Hisense shows off fancy Laser TVs but don’t say the P word

(Faultline issue 906)

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2 September 2021

The Faultline Podcast 47

CDN Alliance is Go

Bytedance snaps up Pico VR headsets

Metaverse is quite the buzzword but actually kinda neat

(Faultline issue 905)

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26 August 2021

The Faultline Podcast 46

Ramp teases post Peer5 CDN M&A bonanza

NBCU snubs Nielsen so take a shot

Utility broadband starts slow despite 45-million opportunities

(Faultline issue 904)

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12 August 2021

The Faultline Podcast 45

Synamedia snagging ContentArmor should set industry on edge

UK explores fiber drops in water pipes

Cerberus adds Zixi to shiny new IO offering

(Faultline issue 902)

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5 August 2021

The Faultline Podcast 44

SeaChange nets make-or-break deal with Screen iL and preps OTT ad tech

Does gaming on a connected TV make any sense

It looks like operators have about 8.8 billion in idling STB silicon

(Faultline issue 901)

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29 July 2021

The Faultline Podcast 43

900th Special Edition Quiz Time

CDN Alliance ruffles a weirdly large amount of feathers

AT&T might finally offload Xandr onto InMobi

SIF Codec sits down and explains Feynman Machines

(Faultline issue 900)

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15 July 2021

The Faultline Podcast 42

A peep behind the Agile Content curtain

AT&Ts unlimited 4K streaming has a caveat and is dumb

RemoteMyApp reckons operators waking up to cloud gaming

(Faultline issue 898)

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8 July 2021

The Faultline Podcast 41

Instreamatic gets that sweet Google cash injection

Charter unifies ad attribution with ‘DONT YOU DARE CALL US BLOCKCHAIN’ Blockgraph

Rethink TV finishes Android TV and RDK view of CPE OS market

(Faultline issue 897)

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1 July 2021

The Faultline Podcast 40

Bitmovin’s PCS 2021 presentation teases bleeding edge academia

Google whiffs cookie cull and gets egg on face

Broadpeak shows off 5G network caching wizardry

(Faultline issue 896)

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