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The Faultline Podcast is an audio companion to Rethink Technology Research’s Faultline service, a weekly news publication that examines the video market in cynical focus like no other – critiquing pay TV, OTT, SVoD, and supporting technologies. If you’re in the business world and deal with video content, Faultline is a service you’ll want to pay attention to.

Hosted by Tommy Flanagan, Editor of Faultline

If you’d like to appear on a Faultline Podcast please contact us [email protected]

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8 November 2023

Faultline Podcast with Frank Miller, CTO, Varnish Software

Varnish Software’s Frank Miller (aka the CTO who never sleeps) joins Tommy Flanagan and Quentin Vidberg on the Faultline Podcast.

The trio discuss smashing world records in video delivery, traversing disruption in the CDN landscape, and waning interest in Open Caching… also pizzas, socks, and saturation rigs.

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27 September 2023

Faultline Podcast with Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, CMO, id3as

Yes, you did read that title correctly. If you hadn’t already heard, the legendary journalist formerly of Streaming Media Magazine, Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, has turned to the dark side – swapping scribe for Mjölnir as CMO of id3as.

Eric joins Tommy Flanagan to discuss how this surprise career change came about and what life is like on the other side of the interview table.  We also hear about “jaw dropping” moments from IBC 2023 concerning the company’s new low-code streaming SDK, and we can’t resist name-dropping a few celebrities while we’re here.

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11 September 2023

Faultline Podcast with Olga Kornienko, COO & Co-Founder, EZDRM

The first female executive to guest on the Faultline Podcast is Olga Kornienko, EZDRM Co-Founder & COO – aka the queen of digital rights management.  In this episode, we broach the important topic of what can collectively be done as an industry to encourage the representation of women in the video technology space.  But not before we unwrap EZDRM’s recent marketing epiphany, touch on IBC 2023 plans, and deliberate how the vendor might react to shifting industry trends in content protection – as a company dubbed “the industry’s best kept secret”.

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6 September 2023

Faultline Podcast with Marty Roberts, SVP of Product Strategy & Marketing, Brightcove

A trip down memory lane with Marty Roberts, SVP of Product Strategy and Marketing at SaaS video platform provider Brightcove, precedes tantalizing teasers about what the US vendor has in store for IBC 2023.

Themes span QoE video analytics, cloud-based video predictions, ad-tech and FAST, acquisitions, commoditization, commission checks, and tea leaves.

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8 August 2023

Faultline Podcast with Thibault D'Orso, CRO & Co-founder, Spideo

French firm Spideo becomes the second content recommendations specialist to guest on the Faultline Podcast, but this is a very different conversation to the first. Thibault D’Orso, co-founder and CRO, talks about Spideo like the company was founded yesterday, not in 2010, and we soon find out why… with side hustles and strategic expansions on the menu, as IBC 2023 fast approaches.

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17 May 2023

Andy Waltenspiel's Connecting the Dots, with Tommy Flanagan

Andy Waltenspiel interviews Tommy Flanagan, Editor of Faultline

0:00 Uncharted territory

1:11 About the infamous Tommy and Faultline

2:46 FAST – overhyped buzzword – anyone making money?

4:50 Beer and Liquid Death

5:20 Sustainability vs GreenWashing

8:44 Consolidation, Cost cutting, Comoditization

11:18 Intelligence to the Rescue

12:35 The way awards work & Tommy’s award – the exclusive story behind

14:33 The 100 million Dollar question

15:30 An unexpected invitation

15:50 Wrapup and good bye

11 April 2023

Faultline Podcast with Stein Erik Sørhaug, SVP Americas, Vimond

With days to go before NAB 2023, Stein Erik Sørhaug, SVP Americas, at Vimond, joins the Faultline Podcast to discuss meme warfare, OTT consolidation, spy group side hustles, and we even broach the important but seldom-touched topic of developmental disorders and mental health.  If this isn’t a rollercoaster podcast, we don’t know what is.

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27 March 2023

Faultline Podcast, with Neale Foster, CEO, 24i

A real-life doctor enters the Faultline studio, where we get to work diagnosing the streaming and personalization pain points, but not before we discover the answer to the real burning question – can Dr. Foster fly a helicopter?  Find out why in the latest episode to celebrate Dr. Foster’s one-year anniversary as CEO at 24i, the TV app development specialist.

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13 March 2023

Faultline Podcast, with Jamie Mackinlay, CEO, Meta Broadcast

It’s a metadata minefield this week as Meta Broadcast’s CEO, Jamie Mackinlay, joins the Faultline Podcast to discuss the trials and tribulations of broadcast metadata – for clients including the BBC and Amazon’s IMDb.  This episode takes a turn as we stumble across some strange antics on YouTube involving 70s glam.

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27 February 2023

Faultline Podcast, with Pierre Donath, CPO/CMO, 3SS

Joining Tommy Flanagan on the Faultline Podcast this week – putting the X-factor in UX and the face in UI – it’s Pierre Donath, CPO/CMO at 3 Screen Solutions (3SS). Join us on a journey through the front door of video experiences and into the living room of Android TV, then buckle up for a ride into the future of in-vehicle infotainment. Inevitably, ChatGPT even sneaks in a cameo.

Plus a run-through of key issues of the past week in the video industry.

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