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The Rethink Energy Podcast complements the Rethink Energy’s weekly strategy bulletin, as we dive deeper into the dynamic factors of the energy market. From the fossil fuel energy prices crisis, to post-Covid supply chain shortages to offshore wind to carbon credits, we’ll discuss the week’s key issues, while providing insight into our own research and forecasts to give clearer direction of where momentum is building through the energy transition.

Guests welcome for future episodes. Write to [email protected] for details.

Hosted by Peter White with Simon Thompson, Andries Wantenaar, Bogdan Avramuta and Connor Watts

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2 February 2023

Rethink Energy Podcast 122: China looks to ban technology exports; Rethink Publishes flagship energy forecast; Japanese auomotive industry shakeup indicates change ahead

China looks to ban technology exports affecting the solar and semiconductor industries as it heightens trade-war tensions. Rethink publishes our flagship annual publication covering the sources of electricity going forwards, while predicting the implications of a changing energy mix and who will come out ahead in the future. Japanese automotive manufacturers continue to not put enough money towards electrification but the head of Lexus taking over the reigns as CEO of Toyota could change the region’s fate.

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26 January 2023

Rethink Energy Podcast 121: India sets out path towards hydrogen future; EU Commission begins consultation on electricity market reforms; US transmission investment lags behind China

India has set forwards investment for a domestic hydrogen production industry. The EU Commission has begun its consultation to reforms in its domestic energy market aimed at protecting consumers from the volatility of natural gas prices. US transmission investment remains muted compared to staggering Chinese investment

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19 January 2023

Rethink Energy Podcast 120: EU Commission president proposes IRA lookalike; Britishvolt enters administration in hit to UK battery manufacturing; Plans materialize for the first transatlantic hydrogen flight

The EU Commission President, Ursula Von der Leyen, announces plans for further stimulus for the European Union that looks rather similar to the US’ Inflation Reduction Act tax break incentives. Britishvolt enters administration in a significant blow to UK battery manufacturing. Finally, plans for the first transatlantic flight powered by hydrogen are unveiled for an unmanned drone to fly over 3,300km.

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12 January 2023

Rethink Energy Podcast 119: GM, Google & RMI put up cash to underwrite VPP era; India's solar demand not yet met by domestic production, Gas prices plummet to pre-war levels

GM, Google, and the Rocky Mountain Institute gather a consortium of companies seeking to expand the use of virtual power plants (VPP) in the US. Despite imposing tariffs on Chinese solar components, India does not have the domestic manufacturing capacity to meet this year’s demand. Gas prices plummet to pre-war levels in Europe as a result of the region’s effort in sourcing alternatives and a mild winter thus far.

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5 January 2023

Rethink Energy Podcast 118: Chinese solar module costs fall as supply chains catch up; China's green energy hub omits hydrogen from plans; US postal service caves and plans electric vehicles purchases for ageing fleet

The price of Chinese solar modules has begun to fall because of supply chain investment bearing fruit, particularly in the supply chain for polysilicon. China lays out plans for a $12 billion energy hub in Inner Mongolia, with little concern given to hydrogen production, something that we think could be added later. Finally the United States Postal Service has caved and set forward plans to electrify its fleet after significant resistance and $3 billion from the Biden Administration.

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15 December 2022

Rethink Energy Podcast 117: Canada publishes Critical Minerals Strategy; EU creates solar group with goal of 30GW solar manufacturing capacity; Meyer Burger gathers perovskite companies in pursuit of 30%+ tandem

Canada publishes its critical mineral strategy alongside $4 billion in funding to enable mineral extraction in preparation for IRA demand. The EU Commission creates the Photovoltaic Industry Alliance with the goal of developing a 30GW solar manufacturing base by 2025, and Meyer Burger gathers perovskite companies in pursuit of 30+% tandem.

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8 December 2022

Rethink Energy Podcast 116: DoC exposes solar tariff circumvention; EnerVenue shows off 7GWh of orders; CarbonMeta breaks down plastic into hydrogen

The US Department of Commerce publishes its findings on how many solar companies have been circumventing tariffs on Chinese-manufactured solar equipment, EnerVenue publishes its new product design and counts 7GWh of orders, and CarbonMeta turns plastic into hydrogen through microwave catalysis.

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2 December 2022

Rethink Energy Podcast 115: Spanish renewables auction sells just 45MW out of 3.3GW; Thailand joins Asian hydrogen trend; Mazda puts $11 billion to electrification too late

Spain’s renewable energy auction underperforms drastically because of old pricing conditions. Thailand joins other Asian countries in commitment towards vast green hydrogen infrastructure. Mazda continues to avoid full commitment towards ICE vehicle as it invests towards research and development for future EVs and its ICE ranges.

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24 November 2022

Rethink Energy Podcast 114: Enel €21bn assets sale, 10GW Queensland hydrogen, wind and solar farm, Energy Vault moves towards Li-ion

In this week’s episode the Rethink Energy team discusses the major energy company, Enel, its investment into bifacial heterojunction solar and its €21 billion assets sale, the 10GW hydrogen, wind and solar farm in Queensland, Australia and Energy Vault’s move towards Li-ion storage solutions and its departure from gravity based energy storage.

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18 November 2022

Rethink Energy 113: Eavor's geothermal can scale rapidly, South Australia curtails solar, lithium supply chain bottleneck to persist years

In this week’s episode the Rethink Energy team discusses the geothermal approach invented by Eavor and how swiftly it can scale this decade, the methods adopted by the Australian to handle massive rooftop solar contributions to the grid, and how latent demand from the EV sector means the lithium supply bottleneck won’t be going away any time soon.

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