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The Rethink Energy Podcast complements the Rethink Energy’s weekly strategy bulletin, as we dive deeper into the dynamic factors of the energy market. From offshore wind to carbon credits, we’ll discuss the week’s key issues, while providing insight into our own research and forecasts to give clearer insight of where momentum is building through the energy transition.

Hosted by: Harry Morgan, Peter White & Andries Wantenaar

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19 October 2020

Rethink Energy Podcast 13

As debate sparks around whether or not we have passed peak oil demand, the Rethink team discusses why the IEA has a problem with ambitious forecasting. Meanwhile, massive hybrid projects are popping up in Inner Mongolia and players from China, Canada and the UK rush to compete in Europe’s market for clean transport.

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9 October 2020

Rethink Energy Podcast 12

The Rethink Team discusses the different approaches to decarbonizing the steel industry, and why an all guns blazing method will win out.

This comes the same week that the IEA decided that hydrogen was not the solution, in a report which once again shows how obsessed it is with oil and gas. Forecasting companies are much the same, and giving two versions of the truth is unforgivable if we want a united vision in reaching net zero emissions.

As Spain revives its solar economy off the back of corporate PPAs, the team also discusses the idea of a European supergrid, making the most of southern solar in the summer and wind power in the North Sea during windy winters.

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2 October 2020

Rethink Energy Podcast 11

The Rethink Team discusses new innovation coming out of the Russian solar sector, along with the potential for the hydrogen sector to trickle $12 trillion through the global economy up to 2050. It’s also been a quarter of contrasts for the wind sector, with an upsurge in offshore wind presenting one of many opportunities for HVDC transmission.

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25 September 2020

Rethink Energy Podcast 10

This week’s news includes two contrasting speeches to the UN from the leaders of China and the USA, about climate commitments, as China sets out plans to reach carbon neutrality by 2060. Rethink Energy’s analysis shows that this drive continues to come from the solar sector, while the country gears up to lead supply chains in energy storage.

With Tesla and Nikola both seeing stock prices falling for different reasons, the team also discusses how different forms of leadership will define how the companies displace incumbents in the transport sector, while companies like Daimler scramble to keep up with hydrogen innovation.

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18 September 2020

Rethink Energy Podcast 09

After 2 weeks off, the Rethink Energy team discusses a period of ‘inflection points’ for the energy transition, with both BP and General Motors both signalling that their business can’t and won’t go on as usual.

The US and China are also both making noise around new targets for renewable energy, but how much of this is just political promises?

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28 August 2020

Rethink Energy Podcast 08

The Rethink Energy team rounds up the week with a look through a stormy period for US oil, as well as Vietnam’s eighth national power plan, which indicates a big shift away from coal, as renewables continue to accelerate.

Also on the agenda is clean aviation, and whether fuel cells could penetrate the market from the bottom-up, as well as continued frustration towards analyst firms, who continue to act as a hindrance to the energy transition with their pessimism around disruptive technology.

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14 August 2020

Rethink Energy Podcast 07

Join the Rethink Energy team to discuss the key issues in the world of energy this week. Topics on the cards include: the further capacity being added to the world’s largest battery storage campus in the US; why fires are pushing up the cost of silicon in China; and how new research in catalysts could be key to slashing costs of green hydrogen by 2023.

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7 August 2020

Rethink Energy Podcast 06

This week, the Rethink Energy team dives deeper into BP’s results and what it will mean for the energy transition if it holds true with its new spending plans for clean technology.

Also in the headlines is the unexpected surge for solar installations in China, and the potential for a 20+ GW rush in the final months of 2020.

We also discuss the findings from this week’s webinar on hydrogen production, how a hydrogen ecosystem could start to form across Europe and who the victors of the markets early growth could be.

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3 August 2020

Rethink Energy Podcast 05

Join Peter, Harry and Andries as they discuss two of the week’s biggest issues in the world of energy.

It’s been a tough week for the oil majors as quarterly figures start to show the extend of their damage from Covid-19, but things could be worse than they appear at first glance.

Meanwhile the future of solar in the US has a lot riding on the US election, with Chinese manufacturers set to pounce if tariffs are removed and they can dump their oversupply of modules on the American market.

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24 July 2020

Rethink Energy Podcast 04

Join the Rethink Energy team as we discuss a huge injection of UK Export Finance into Mozambique – to boost LNG trading between the US and Europe. Meanwhile, we identify why Portugal is the dark horse in the race to lead Europe’s green hydrogen economy, the birth of a potential superstar in the floating wind sector and what the outcome will be of China’s decision for the future of wafer sizes in the solar sector.

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