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The Rethink Energy Podcast complements the Rethink Energy weekly strategy bulletin, as we dive deeper into the dynamic factors of the energy market. We discuss the week’s key issues, while providing insight into our own research and forecasts to give clearer direction of where momentum is building through the energy transition.

Guests welcome for future episodes. Write to [email protected] for details.

Hosted by Bogdan Avramuta, with Andries Wantenaar and Connor Watts

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16 February 2024

Rethink Energy Podcast 172: When should your business open a hydrogen refuelling station? China leapfrogs West on pumped hydro

In this week’s episode the team discusses:

-“When should your business open a hydrogen refuelling station?” – a question prompted by a slew of cancelled and closed hydrogen stations in California.

-China’s pumped hydro boom continues, even as Western pumped hydro developments stagnate.

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9 February 2024

Rethink Energy Podcast 171: Australian solar manufacturing roadmap, Germany's H2 gas power plants, Ascend Elements battery recycling

In this week’s episode the team discusses:

-The Australia Solar Manufacturing Roadmap, which advocates heavy incentives beyond even those of the IRA, while eschewing trade barriers.

-Germany’s €16 billion tender for 10 GW of hydrogen-capable gas power plant capacity.

-Ascent Elements’ hydro-to-cathode battery recycling method which promises an immediate 49% carbon footprint reduction, with a 90% goal for 2030.

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2 February 2024

Rethink Energy Podcast 170: Norsk Hydro's aluminum recycling investment, Green steel benefits from sea-trade interruption

In this week’s episode the team discusses:

  • Norsk Hydro’s investment into a US aluminum recycling plant, even at a time when the aluminum price is low – and how magnesium alloys will be adopted by the future EV industry as aluminum’s replacement.
  • How European green steel producers are benefiting from maritime disruption in the Gulf of Aden.
  • Saudi Arabia identifying 1200 sites for green power projects alongside its commissioning of its first large utility-scale projects and its national survey for lithium and other mineral deposits.
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26 January 2024

Rethink Energy Podcast 169: Rethink's Battery Raw Materials forecast, turquoise hydrogen's first big project, China's 100 GW rooftop solar boom

In this week’s episode the team discusses:

  • Rethink Energy’s new forecast on Battery Raw Materials, covering the future of nickel, lithium and cobalt supply and demand – and much more.
  • The world’s first big turquoise hydrogen project, which has very high Capex costs but also produces carbon black as a byproduct.
  • China’s 100 GW rooftop solar boom in 2023, and how this is leading to grid congestion and potentially new distributed energy storage requirements.
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19 January 2024

Rethink Energy Podcast 168: EU investigates China's EV industry, Tandem PV talks commercialization, Oil tankers greenwash

In this week’s episode the team discusses:

-An interview with Tandem PV CEO Scott Wharton, focusing in the issues of degradation, module size and efficiency in the lead-up to commercialization

-EU investigators’ arrival in China, where they will investigate automakers BYD, Geely, and SAIC to determine how much government support they are receiving

-Oil tanker company Frontline’s investment in a new fleet of not-green-enough ECO VLCC ships

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12 January 2024

Rethink Energy Podcast 167: CATL's Indonesian nickel investments, US hydrogen incentives too restrictive on electricity sourcing

CATL has assigned the first $420 million of its $15 billion investment partnership with Indonesia, which together with an upcoming election may ‘lock’ the country’s entire nickel industry into Chinese supply chains to the US’ detriment. Meanwhile in the US, Inflation Reduction Act hydrogen tax credit requirements are proving too strict on the exact, immediate provenance of electricity consumption, in contrast to initially more lenient EU rules. Lastly, Australia’s solar manufacturing may expand despite limited government support.

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5 January 2024

Rethink Energy Podcast 166: Geely reveals fast-charging LFP battery; UK plans carbon tax analogous to EU's CBAM

Geely has announced a fast-charging LFP battery which boasts an impressive 4.5C charging rate enabling fast charging of up to 500 kW, marking another Chinese manufacturer stealing a march on Western producers. The UK has introduced a carbon tax legislation, soon to be further clarified, which is analogous to the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). And Angola has quit the OPEC organisation in a context of moderately low oil prices.

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21 December 2023

Rethink Energy Talks Ep. 1: Longevity Partners and ESG within the built environment

Rethink Energy Interviews Longevity Partners’ Chief Innovation Officer Ed Wealend, primarily talking about ESG within the built environment, Longevity’s new power unit, and recent developments in the policy landscape including energy efficiency and heat pump targets.

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18 December 2023

Rethink Energy Podcast 165: 2024 copper surplus expectations shaken by Anglo and Panama; Maeve Aero to commercialize hybrid aircraft against H2

2024’s expected copper surplus has all but vanished as the Panamanian government has ordered First Quantum’s Cobre Panama copper mine to cease output and Anglo American’s output is expected to fall significantly. Maeve Aerospace is looking to commercialize hybrid jet fuel/battery aircraft later this decade when hydrogen should be well on its way to establishing itself as the leader within the industry.

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8 December 2023

Rethink Energy Podcast 164: Rethink publishes new solar module price report; Nuclear sees boost from COP28; US publishes IRA guidance

Rethink Energy has published its new solar module price report covering the next 17 years of technological developments and the effect this will have on global supply chains. COP28 has given nuclear energy a significant boost despite the difficulties in bringing online new capacity. Finally the US treasury has released guidance on what exactly constitutes a foreign entity of concern, bringing massive implications for the structure of the future US battery industry.

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