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The Rethink Energy Podcast complements the Rethink Energy’s weekly strategy bulletin, as we dive deeper into the dynamic factors of the energy market. From offshore wind to carbon credits, we’ll discuss the week’s key issues, while providing insight into our own research and forecasts to give clearer direction of where momentum is building through the energy transition.

Hosted by: Harry Morgan, Peter White & Andries Wantenaar

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29 July 2021

Rethink Episode 51

In this episode the Rethink Energy Team discusses the sudden and unexplained partnership termination enacted by Oxford PV against Meyer Berger, Shell’s latest investment strategy, and Bloomberg finally upping its EV forecast to the realms of plausibility.

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23 July 2021

Rethink Energy Podcast 50: EU bans ICE cars from 2035

In this episode the Rethink Energy team discusses the EU and China carbon markets, how the EU ban will double EV adoption by 2030 to 116 million, and how deep drilling may enable Finland’s first ever geothermal.

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16 July 2021

Rethink Energy Podcast 49: EU's new emissions target powered by tighter carbon tax regimen

In this episode the Rethink Energy Team is joined by John Ingram, founder of CSP startup Focal Line Solar, to discuss his views on concentrated solar power, as well as recent news on the EU’s emissions targets, Enhanced geothermal’s first grid participation in China, and a pro-renewable shift in the US’s PJM electricity market relating to the Minimum Offer Price Rule (MOPR).

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9 July 2021

Rethink Podcast 48: UAE expresses impatience with OPEC's supply limits, India incentivizes hydrogen manufacturing

In this episode the Rethink Energy Team discusses the investments which India is incentivizing from its fossil fuel sector into renewable manufacturing, the UAE openly expressing its impatience with the rest of the OPEC cartel’s production limits, and a praiseworthy report from the UK’s Office of Budget Responsibility which points out various severe threats to the economy from climate change – arguing that energy transition is the cheap option.

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2 July 2021

Rethink Energy Podcast 46: $70 billion in coal-powered steel facilities at risk of becoming stranded assets

In this episode the Rethink Energy Team discusses China’s 16 GW Baihetan hydropower station, how the steel industry is more prepared to decarbonize than the gas industry, the rapid strengthening of China’s domestic solar segment, Texel’s aluminum hydride heat storage battery, and Hydrogen Systems Australia’s small-scale plasma-based electrolyzers.

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25 June 2021

Rethink Energy Podcast 46

In this episode the Rethink Energy Team is joined by highly experienced renewables journalist Peter Kelly Detwiler to discuss the future of EVs and their on-grid participation. We also cover Rethink Energy’s latest report covering the hydrogen transition which the global steel industry is about to embark on, the US startup Breeze which plans to use pipelines as compressed-air energy distribution, The US’ budding plans to develop its own solar manufacturing industry, and the marine energy startup Eco Wave Power.

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18 June 2021

Rethink Energy Podcast 45: Big oil considers divestment from the Permian Basin

In this episode the Rethink Energy Team discusses the looming mass low-price selloff of Permian Basin oil assets, how the latest monthly EV sales figures from Europe surpass even our forecasts, our Spain country profile, The “B3W” Build Back Better World initiative to mobilize $40 trillion of private finance from the West for the energy transition, the UK Climate Change Committee’s milquetoast criticisms of the government, kWhAanalytics’ update to the expected degradation of solar projects, and on-site spiral welding enabling larger wind turbines to be erected unhampered by transportation size limits.

We are also extending an open invitation to our listeners, to participate on our podcast!

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11 June 2021

Rethink Energy Podcast 44: 30 GW solar in Q1 worldwide

In this episode the Rethink Energy Team discusses an estimated 30 GW of soalr installed worldwide in Q1, a new wind power technology with five times the generation density per square kilometer, the pressure Royal Dutch Shell is coming under to decarbonize, and EV maker Lordstown’s continued woes.

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4 June 2021

Rethink Energy Podcast 43

In this episode the Rethink Energy team discusses Mercedes-Benz’s investment in green steel, Vietnam’s 5.4 GW pipeline of wind to be built in 2021, Brazil’s drought and the related issues of hydropower and the rainforest, and NREL’s energy storage predictions for the US.

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1 June 2021

Rethink Energy Podcast 42: Icelandic floating offshore wind to send power 1,000 kilometers to UK

In this episode the Rethink Energy team discusses the multi-GW floating offshore wind platforms to be built in Icelandic waters, Malta Inc’s thermal pumped energy storage, how Mexico’s turn against renewables may be set in stone in the midterm elections this week, and how we expect oil consumption to reach its second peak in 2031, having never fully returned to 2019 numbers.

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