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AI, SON and the Self Driving Cellular Network

AI SON Self Driving Cellular Network:  AI is being groomed to partner with SON to create cellular networks that know the user, perform brilliantly and defy complexity…

The rise in self-optimizing networks, along with a huge increase in the total number of cells, will lead to a radical uptake of virtualized Software Defined Networks. This will make it possible to dial network resources up and down on-demand, but only if MNOs can cope with another level of network complexity.  Rethink has once again consulted all of its MNO contacts in MNO strategy departments all over the world, and found how they plan to deal with this complexity.

To find out more about AI and the Self Driving Cellular Network and to see our Forecast of the technology players which it will benefit, buy a copy of our Ran Research paper “The Self Driving Cellular Network.”

The report shows how those operators who can attract AI expertise will lead the shift into truly intelligent networks.

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