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We have been carrying out consulting within the Wireless Market at Rethink for 18 years.

Many consulting projects today are to support a particular business case or product launch, using data drawn from our underlying forecasting spreadsheets, based on global MNO equipment purchase plans. Some include pricing models for future business strategies, others simply identify the size of particular technology opportunities.

We have been asked to write white papers to explain the positioning of particular products, and we have conducted surveys on marketplace direction of travel, or helped with product pricing and positioning. We have even partnered with other analyst groups, where they might describe a new market in technical detail, and we supply the forecast data for its deployment.

Over the years we have come up with plans to merge BSS/OSS systems and we have advised on likely spectrum usage for regulators. The work is widely varied, and our greatest enjoyment is finding a way to achieve a task, where others have been unable to come up with data.

Our greatest strength is having deep connections within MNOs and to have the trust of many senior executives among leading operators.

We are frequently bound by Non-Disclosure Agreements and cannot discuss individual clients, but we are happy to consider quoting for any piece of Wireless consulting where the end point involves delivering data or a clear market understanding, or both.

If you have a consulting query, we would be glad to consider it and offer you a quote. Please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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