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RAN Research

RAN Research is essential reading for anyone who wants to stay on top of current trends and thinking among Mobile Network Operators

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    RAN Research will help you not only survive but thrive in the world of 5G and beyond, into the future generations of wireless technology that are already being imagined.

    Our forecasts will enrich your understanding of the technologies at play here, and the wider ecosystem in which they exist. The service analyzes new business models and the core technologies, such as Open and Virtualized RAN, Small Cells, Fixed Wireless Access, Private Networks, Edge Compute, and Network Slicing.  We set realistic expectations on when new technologies will arrive, what they will cost, their capabilities, and the likely suppliers.

    Every wireless business – technology vendors, operators, and investors – can use this understanding to build thriving strategies, optimize capital and operational expenditures, and win more contracts.

    Our wireless research subscription is designed to give you all the information you need to navigate 5G and the next generations of wireless technology.  If you have a particularly niche focus or require a custom dataset, then our experts are available to discuss your bespoke research and consulting requirements.

    A subscription is required to read these reports.  If you’d like to subscribe click here to contact us.

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    When you become a subscriber, our experts will help you:
    • Gain perspective and understanding of your market
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    • Optimize your competitive advantage – get ahead, and stay ahead