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13 September 2021

5G-ENCODE smart manufacturing project moves into Phase 2

By Wireless Watch Staff

A UK government-backed project focused on 5G in manufacturing has moved into its second phase.

5G-ENCODE’s first phase was based on 4G and aimed to establish a baseline against which results from the private 5G network testbed could be benchmarked. The results of Phase 1 will be shared next month. This new phase will assess how well 5G meets specific industrial use cases in manufacturing such as AR/VR to support training or design; tracking of time-sensitive assets; or real time in-process monitoring, among others.

This stage of 5G-ENCODE sees project participants creating a network slice that knits together slices from one transport network and two separate private networks, located several miles apart.

“For the first time in the world, an industrial 5G network can not only be customized and divided into multiple logical networks, but each of those virtual networks can be extended across a transport network to reach another virtual network in a completely different administrative domain,” said Vassilis Seferidis, CEO of one of the project members, Zeetta Networks.

“This would allow, for example, a critical asset to be tracked continuously in real time and with the same quality-of-service as it is transported from the point of production, to being received at the destination location.”

The software behind the slicing is compatible with open specifications such as O-RAN.