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20 July 2020

China Telecom and ZTE deploy 3D coverage solution for 5G SA

By Wireless Watch Staff

ZTE and the Hunan branch of China Telecom have launched China’s first commercial 5G Standalone site to support Massive MIMO 1+X SSB (synchronization signal and PBCH block), with three-dimensional coverage. This combination of technologies will improve coverage and capacity, especially at the cell edge, in the 3.5 GHz spectrum, and that has a positive effect on network costs, says the vendor. In particular, this technology will help with ‘vertical coverage’ for high buildings in dense cities.

The 5G 1+X SSB solution introduced by ZTE supports wide beams with power boosting (1) to provide better basic coverage than the traditional seven-beam MIMO configurations. X; and on-demand configuration (X), to improve vertical and 3D coverage.

The 5G 1+X SSB site was built for a 29-storey office building in Zhuzhou, using one horizontal wide beam and three vertical beams. Compared with the traditional seven-beam sites, the 5G 1+X SSB site addressed more than 90% of problems with weak indoor penetration, said the companies, while increasing the in-depth coverage rate to over 20%, and the overall coverage rate to over 40%.

ZTE says the solution also boosted the data rate in the areas of weak coverage by almost 50%. On the top floor, which had the weakest signal reception, a stable downlink rate of over 100Mbps was achieved. Power consumption was reduced by between 5% and 10% during low traffic periods, with dynamic power adjustment.