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6 October 2020

Intel revamps FlexRAN with Amdocs analytics deal

By Wireless Watch Staff

Intel believes it has a 5G opportunity worth $25bn by 2023, when it considers not just semiconductors but software and tools, and it has announced a revamp of its FlexRAN reference architecture, which has been a foundation of many virtualized RAN trials around the world.

One development is that Amdocs’ SmartRAN optimization solution will be integrated into the FlexRAN software architecture. This will see FlexRAN’s machine learning libraries harnessed to improve SmartRAN’s data analytics and management so that customers can optimize their networks based on large numbers of criteria and parameters, on a per-application basis.

Amdocs is developing its SmartRAN solution for testing use cases defined by the O-RAN Alliance, starting with massive MIMO. With the FlexRAN integration, operators will be able to develop policies and configurations to configure Massive MIMO systems for specific services and quality agreements.

The openness of the emerging disaggregated RANs allows the analytics solution to get near-real time access to data in order to provide more comprehensive and accurate beam-based analytics across the first three layers of the 3GPP protocol stack.

“This allows MNOs to move their emphasis away from traditional network key performance indicators to new beam-based metrics that better emulate actual customer usage and experience,” said the partners.

Intel has also been developing a full 5G portfolio, including a dedicated 5G accelerator,