Metaswitch introduces protocol for white box switches:

Metaswitch has been a pioneer in virtualized and open network platforms, but is less keen on open source. Its latest move is to announce a composable network protocol suite for white box switches, which it says will help to accelerate adoption of new network architectures and  reduce their cost.

The composable network protocols (CNPs) allow networking teams to create white box routing platforms with fully decoupled control plane components and open management interfaces, said the vendor. Based on proven IP routing and MPLS networking stacks, the suite will provide the capex and opex reductions of open source, without its operational risks, says Metaswitch, claiming its “commercially supported, carrier-class applications are clearly distinguished from open source alternatives”.

Like other companies such as Radisys, Metaswitch is transforming an old-school protocol stack business by opening those stacks to third parties and placing them at the heart of open platforms and new development trends, in this case composable networking. This is defined as the creation of network solutions from completely disaggregated software components, and Metaswitch’s suite support deployments ranging from simple Layer 2 intra-data center applications to fully featured Layer 3 fabrics, VPN interconnect and carrier-grade MPLS infrastructures.

The protocols can run standalone or be combined with third party commercial or open source stacks, and run on any network OS.

“Our new white box and open network operating system solution introduces groundbreaking capabilities and flexible purchasing options, while reducing the risk of moving to a fully-disaggregated architecture,” said CEO Martin Lund.

The company also announced that Dell EMC is to resell the CNP suite, combining the CNP IP routing and MPLS networking stacks with its own EMC OS10 Open Edition, a Linux platform to support disaggregated networks.