Netcracker wins new partners for Malaysian NFV services platform

Focusing heavily on the challenge of orchestrating virtualized networks and cloud platforms (see lead item), five vendors are working on an end-to-end multivendor trial in Malaysia.

NEC and its Netcracker subsidiary have announced the project with Red Hat, Juniper Networks and Dell EMC. Netcracker aims to enable a set of virtualized network node functions which can be mixed and matched, Lego-style, to support SDN-controlled communication services for operators or enterprises.

Along with its new partners, it claims such a platform will slash time to market to introduce new services by up to 70%, compared to the current timescale of 6-12 months.

The platform combines Netcracker’s hybrid operations management offering and business enablement applications with NEC/Netcracker’s virtualization deployment operations center and multilayer SDN controller. Red Hat will be contributing its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution; Juniper’s NFV networking services platform will be used to integrate physical and virtual elements; while Dell EMC will provide its PowerEdge NFV platform.

“As the industry moves quickly towards 5G technology, getting the management and orchestration environment right is critical to enable new IoT use cases requiring dynamic network slicing,” said Aloke Tusnial, CTO of SDN/NFV at Netcracker, while Chong Kai Wooi of NEC Malaysia added: “To stay competitive in a global economy, service providers and enterprises in Malaysia will eventually have the need to adapt to 5G technologies.”

NEC expects its growing SDN/NFV business, which has increased the strategic value of the Netcracker acquisition considerably, to deliver over 10% of total carrier solutions revenues by 2020. Operators account for 50% of NEC’s overall revenues.