Orange and DT cooperate to provide a common smart home developer platform

Orange and Deutsche Telekom are increasingly common collaborators on many projects from shared infrastructure to Facebook TIP incubator programs. What most of these cooperations have in common is a bid to slash costs through sharing and open technologies.

Their latest project is no exception – it focuses on using open source software and standards to create a common platform to integrate smart home devices, streamlining management and operating costs, and supporting a wide range of services and devices.

The platform chosen by the two telcos as the basis for their smart home framework is the venerable open source Eclipse Foundation, which offers software development platforms for various scenarios. At its EclipseCon event this week in Germany, Orange (which has just joined Eclipse) and DT will outline a set of cloud APIs (application programming interfaces) which they have defined, based on the oneM2M standard, which will allow an app to be developed once and run on many environments.

They are conducting a demonstration to show how these cloud APIs work across Orange’s Datavenue big data system and DT’s Qivicon smart home platforms.

Thibault de la Fresnaye, VP of smart home anticipation at Orange, said: “The service and device creation of the IoT ecosystem requires universal APIs to be shared by a core set of platform providers, open to a wide developer community. That’s why Orange launched this joint effort with Deutsche Telekom based on the Eclipse framework.”