Qualcomm principal engineer takes leadership of 3GPP 5G group

Qualcomm’s business model may be under attack, but its influence over cellular standards and technology development remains undented. A Qualcomm principal engineer, Wanshi Chen, has been elected as chair of the 3GPP group defining 5G standards, at a critical time for the mobile technology process.

Chen was chosen as chair of the 3GPP RAN Working Group 1, at a meeting of the group in Prague, Czech Republic, last week. The RAN1 is responsible for specifying the physical layer of the radio interface for 5G New Radio. As Lorenzo Casaccia, VP of technical standards at Qualcomm, put it in a blog post, Chen will be leading the effort for “the most fundamental design aspects of the air interface, and the advancements it develops will play an essential role in achieving the vision for 5G”.

“These advanced technologies include OFDM-based waveforms, advanced channel coding, MIMO antenna techniques, multiple access technologies, new device-to-device communications techniques, new narrowband IoT technologies, V2X communications, relays, broadcast, and much more,” Casaccia wrote.

Chen, who joined Qualcomm in 2006, actively contributed to LTE development and standards and has had continuous attendance in 3GPP RAN1 meetings for more than nine years, dating back to Release 8, the first LTE release. He has also served as RAN1 vice chairman.

“It is a great honor for me to be elected by my 3GPP peers and I look forward to leading the technical work in 3GPP RAN1 as we continue progress on specifications for 5G NR and advancements to LTE,” he said in a statement. “This is a very exciting time in 3GPP as we evolve and expand the mobile ecosystem to connect new industries, new services, and new user experiences. I look forward to continuing to manage and lead 3GPP RAN1 through solid technical discussions and decision making, in a fair, effective, and efficient manner.”

Qualcomm Europe’s Dino Flore recently completed his chairmanship of the 3GPP TSG RAN group, which looked at the evolution from LTE to 5G. He is now director general of the 5G Automotive Association, which is also a member of 3GPP.