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19 January 2021

Red Hat and Intel to expand their R&D partnership for 5G

By Wireless Watch Staff

IBM’s Red Hat and Intel have announced plans to pool more R&D efforts and resources focused on 5G and networking, in a mutual bid to accelerate commercial uptake of automated, cloud-native infrastructure in telecoms.

The two companies said they want to address challenges that operators and enterprises face in deploying 5G cost-effectively, and to help improve ROI with more flexible and automated platforms that will lower total cost of ownership.

The aim is to focus their joint R&D on more complete and pre-integrated technology stacks that will enable operators to roll out 5G more quickly, and in a way that immediately supports a wide range of services in order to improve ROI. In particular, Intel says the platforms will help operators and enterprises adopt edge computing, automated operations and hybrid cloud networking.

OpenShift, Red Hat’s Kubernetes-based containerization platform, will be paired with silicon, software  and tools from Intel, including its FlexRAN reference software and Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS) for edge computing. This is the latest stage in a long-time collaboration between the two vendors, which includes the creation, last March, of a cloud-based on-boarding service and testbed for cloud-native and virtualized network functions.

Red Hat and Intel are expanding that effort this year to encourage development of hybrid multiclouds, infrastructure optimization, network controllers, virtualized RAN, edge network services and toolkits, and heterogeneous computing. There will be a joint reference architecture for 5G vRAN using the OpenShift Container Platform and OpenNESS Kubernetes Operators.