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9 November 2022

Renewables orders this week

US-based Energy Vault has confirmed a notice of award from Meadow Creek Solar for the deployment of a 250MW/500MWh energy storage system at Meadow Creek Solar farm in Victoria, Australia.


In the ever-evolving story that has been Britishvolt over the last week or two, it has been announced that 300 staff members will take a pay cut for the month of November, while executives at the project will forego their salary for this month, this is to make the money received from the anonymous donor go further in the short term as the company searches for more significant investment.

CALB will build its first European battery plant in Portugal, having signed a memorandum of understanding with the Portuguese Government. It will be located in  the city of Sines, which has Europe’s second largest deep-water port and significant freight links.

Glencore Energy UK is to pay a $310 million fine over five counts of bribery and 2 counts of failure to prevent bribery across 5 African countries. The bribes have been reported to have been to secure priority access to oil and were often transported to its destination by private jet.

Li-Cycle and VinEs, a Vingroup JSC company, have launched a global recycling partnership. Vingroup is the largest private conglomerate in Vietnam.

RWE is set to invest 140 million in a 220MW battery storage project in Germany. Subject to the building permit, a total of 690 li-ion battery blocks will be installed at RWE’s power plants in Neurath and Hamm in North Rhine-Westphalia. Construction is scheduled to start in 2023, with commissioning planned for 2024.


Daqo New Energy has agreed two five-year polysilicon supply deals totaling 194,600 tons, which at an average expected price of $10 per kilogram through the period, comes to a total monetary value of $1.946 billion.

European Energy is to build a 128.5 MW solar plant in Sweden, with construction beginning in 2023 and commissioning in 2024.

China’s Talesun and South Africa’s ARTSolar have begun operations on a 325 MW module factory in South Africa.

Westbridge Renewable Energy Corporation has acquired the 300 MW solar, 200 MW two-hour battery Eastervalue project in the Canadian state of Alberta.

  1. Power has begun construction at a 72 MW solar portfolio in Portugal.

Array Technologies will supply trackers to a 750 MW solar plant in Ohio under development by EDF Renewables.

ACEN Australia has taken FID on the 400 MW Stubbo solar farm in the Australian state of New South Wales.

Commerz Real and Hydro Rein intend to purchase two solar projects, 170 MW and 192 MW, from GreenGo Energy in Denmark. Commissioning is scheduled for 2026.

Oman Power has launched a tender for a 500 MW solar farm called Ibri III IPP, to be built in the Ad Dahirah governorate.

The Baihetan hydropower power plant in China is still being commissioned, one 1 GW turbine after another. There are now 15 GW commissioned out of a total 16 GW.

Aracari and Vestimas have joined forces to develop a 500 MW solar portfolio in their native Germany with construction to begin in 2023.

Project developments in China include:

  • China Resources Power has begun construction of 360 MW of mountainous solar projects in Gansu Province.
  • Gongan Junneng New Energy has commissioned a 100 MW solar-fishery project in Hubei Province, Shizikou Town.
  • Datang is to develop a 1.7 GW complex including 1 GW pumped hydro, 700 MW wind and solar, for investment cost of $1.1 billion.
  • Construction has begun at a 400 MW solar-fishery project in Xinliao Town, Xuwen, Guangdong Province.
  • Jilin Power will develop a 200 MW wind, 100 MW photovoltaic, 50 MW solar thermal in Jilin Province.
  • Yangcheng County in Shanxi Province has signed a deal with China Nuclear Energy to develop 400 MW of two-hour battery energy storage.

Manufacturing news in China includes:

  • Gaojing Solar has commissioned 20 GW of wafer production capacity, called Zhuhai base Phase III, the final section of a 50 GW factory.
  • Yidao Xinneng has decided to invest $831 million in a 10 GW N-type module, 2 GW cell factory in Jingshan City, Hubei Province.
  • JA Solar has commissioned a 10 GW solar cell factory in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province.
  • Geely Technology Group will develop a 12 GWh power battery factory in Anhui Province.
  • A $414 million, 6 GWh lithium-ion energy storage battery factory will be developed in Dongying, Shandong Province.
  • Futurasun will develop a 1 GW module factory in Suzhou, alongside a “sister gigafactory” in Italy.
  • Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics intends to expand its TOPCon manufacturing capacity by between 6 GW and 8 GW in 2023.

The EU is supporting a solar manufacturing initiative, IBC4EU, with a $13 million grant. The project intends to demonstrate the suitability of IBC silicon photovoltaics as the best choice for a domestic European solar manufacturing industry. The aforementioned Futurasun will be involved alongside Germany’s ISC Konstanz.

SolarEdge has stated in its Q3 earnings call that it plans to invest in a US solar factory in 2023.


Vestas has received a 300 MW order from Apex Clean Energy to power the Goose Creek Wind project in Illinois, USA. The order consists of 50 V162-6.2 MW turbines delivered in 6.0 MW operating mode.

Wind Energia has placed an order with the Nordex Group for the supply and installation of 16 N117/3000 turbines as part of the 48 MW Nozdrzec wind farm.