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4 January 2023

Renewables orders this week

Dawei Technology has signed an EV supply chain investment cooperation agreement with the local government of Guiyang County in Hunan Province, China. The company’s investment consists of $1.3 billion for lithium mining, $1.74 billion for battery manufacturing, and $140 million for EV production. This will result in 40,000 tons of annual lithium carbonate production from 8 million tons of ore processing production capacity, and in 20 GWh of lithium production capacity.


Origis Energy has contracted Mitsubishi Power Americas to build three utility-scale battery energy storage system projects totaling 150MW/600MWh, the projects aim to supplement the value of the company’s existing solar assets.

Umicore and Nano One Materials Corp have signed a non-exclusive joint development agreement on production process technologies for cathode active materials for lithium-ion batteries.

Graphex Technologies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Reforme Group to develop graphite manufacturing facilities in Australia.


Global Battery Metals will discontinue its nickel-copper exploration activities in Michigan to focus on lithium assets in Utah and Ireland.


Gotion plans to build a battery pack and module gigafactory in Thailand after forming a joint venture with 2 Thai power companies, Arun Plus Company and Global Power Synergy Public Company. The venture aims to be sending product to market by Q4 2023.

Iberdrola Renewables Italia and Innovo Group have established iCube Renewables, a joint venture for the development of photovoltaic plants, wind farms, and battery storage facilities in Italy.

Longyuan Power will develop a 450 MW industrial park rooftop distributed solar park across Jing’an County, Jiangxi Province, per an agreement signed with the county government.

CATL has begun construction of a 1.1 GW solar-fishery project portfolio across China.

A 1 GW solar complex has begun construction in Rajasthan, India, with President Murmu laying the foundation stone in a ceremony.

RWE has commissioned a 44 MWac solar farm in Guadalajara, Spain.

A consortium including Shouhang Hi-Tech has won the $194 million EPC contract for a 100 MW CSP project being built in China.

Huadian has commissioned a 120 MW ‘guaranteed supply’ solar farm in Tibet, which has 120 MW of co-located battery energy storage.

The 200 MW Tarim Oilfield solar farm has been commissioned in Xinjiang, China.

Haiyuan Composite Materials will invest in a 3 GW module, 15 GW cell TOPCon factory in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province.

LONGi has commissioned a 14 GW module factory in China’s Zhejiang Province.

Guohua Jintai has begun construction of its $1.1 billion solar-grade glass factory in Lanling, Shandong Province, China. The facility is to be commissioned in June 2024 with annual output of 288 million square meters, enough for 36 GW of final modules.

DR Laser will supply 20 GW of TOPCon solar cell production line equipment for an unspecified customer.

Chinese software company 35 Internet will invest $360 million in a 5 GW heterojunction cell factory in Sichuan Province.

At the end of the year Trina Solar commissioned its 8 GW TOPCon cell factory which began construction on July 20th in Jiangsu Province.

Allwin Telecommunication has entered the solar industry, announcing that together with a Shanghai-based tech company it will invest in a 5 GW heterojunction cell and module factory. Initial investment will be $59 million split 51%-49% between the two companies with total investment expected to come to $650 million.

Junda has received a $32 million subsidy for its 18 GW cell factory in China.

Mingyang Smart Energy has invested $720 million in a 5 GW heterojunction cell factory which is currently being commissioned.

SPIC has begun construction of a 5 GW heterojunction cell and module factory with an investment cost of $720 million.

Ouhao Group is investing $1.7 billion in a 20 GW wafer, 6 GW heterojunction cell, 2 GW module factory, per a December 30th investment agreement with the municipal authorities of Jiuquan in China’s Gansu Province.

Tongwei has commissioned a 25 GW solar module factory in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province.

Zhongcheng Yu Energy has commissioned the first 2 GW wafer production capacity of its 4 GW ingot-wafer-cell-module verticalized solar factory in Inner Mongolia, China, with a total investment cost expected to reach $800 million.


Over the holiday period, Danish OEM, Vestas, received the following orders amounting to around 1.6GW:

  • 62MW from Norvento Enerxia for several wind farms in Spain
  • 56MW from Statkraft Ireland for the Cushaling project in Ireland
  • 37MW from EnVentus for a project in Italy
  • 126MW from Bord na Mona for the Derrinlough wind farm in Ireland
  • 108MW from Infinergy UK for the Limekiln project in Scotland
  • 32MW from De Vizia Group for the Siri and Deca wind parks in Italy
  • 93MW from SR Energy AB for a project in Sweden
  • 288MW from ENGIE Brasil for the largest wind project in Latin America
  • 73MW to repower and undisclosed project in the US
  • 216MW from AES Corporation for the Chevelon Butte farm in Arizona
  • 252MW from EnVentus for a project in Australia
  • 84MW from Campo Eolico Ariano for a project in Italy
  • 76MW from ERG for the repowering of the Castelvetrano Salemi wind park in Italy
  • 50MW for an undisclosed project in Germany
  • 60MW from DTEK for a project in Romania