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7 September 2021

Samsung to invest $205bn over three years in 5G, 6G, chip and AI leadership

By Wireless Watch Staff

Samsung has unveiled a huge investment plan that will see KRW140 trillion ($205bn) going into next generation products, including 5G, 6G, chip design and production, and AI, over just three years.

It said it aims to “lead the post-Covid industrial restructuring” in South Korea, where 75% of the spending will be focused, and where it will create tens of thousands of jobs. It said it aimed to boost its R&D capabilities in AI, robotics, supercomputers, displays, devices and communications networking to bolster its role in the global hi-tech ecosystem, especially in chips and 5G/6G – it sees these technologies as the most critical to its future.

“As the 4th industrial revolution is accelerating due to network technology innovation such as AI and 5G/6G, semiconductors are emerging as a core industry that influences the competitiveness of all industries including automobiles beyond IT, and the competition for hegemony between countries over semiconductors is getting fiercer,” said Samsung in a statement.

In order to boost its growing, though still relatively small, telecom infrastructure business, Samsung will “focus on strengthening software capabilities for communication network advancement and intelligence”. It will expand its development beyond vRAN, Open RAN and core, its current areas of focus, and into other areas of comms equipment and “next generation network operation solutions”.

Inhouse developments will be complemented by “bold M&A”, concluded the company.