Rethink Energy is designed to forecast the changing energy landscape and its investment possibilities as renewables begin to take over from conventional fossil fuels

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Rethink Energy is about rethinking not only the technologies which lay behind energy generation and storage, but also about the business models and route to market for an entire fledgling industry.

The fossil fuel industry is a tough competitor and lobbies governments with unlimited funds, and positions poisonous short termism as the ONLY way forward. The era in which it questions the existence of man made climate change is over, this is the era of what we do about it and who makes money out of the process.


  • Rethink Energy Issue |Weekly long form articles, which analyze and discuss the week’s events and disruptions in renewables.
  • Rethink Energy Deals Database | Searchable database of thousands of announced energy deals from the last few years.
  • Rethink Energy report/forecast | The monthly delivery of a report/forecast to aid business decisions.
  • Exclusive web access | Paid subscribers have unlimited access to the full Rethink Energy archives held at our website. [See the Back Catalogue of Reports below also]
  • Access to Rethink Energy’s Editor and Analysts for questions.
  • Full back-up service from our Client Relations team.


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Renewable Energy Deals Database

Customers of Rethink Energy can search thousands of announced energy deals from the last few years.