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5 August 2019

MobiTV and Amino join forces to enhance pay-TV and mobile video position

MobiTV and Amino have announced a tie-up, within a month of the US mobile video pioneer securing $50m in funding and the UK IP video technology supplier acquiring Dutch video app developer 24i Media for $27.1m.

The two vendors plan to roll together their respective products, specifically the MobiTV Connect app-based TV platform and the AminoOS Enable software, to upgrade legacy set-tops with next generation features such as over-the-top video apps, to complement existing linear channels.

This isn’t new or revolutionary, but it is still disruptive. Amino is a lesson in how legacy can be turned to advantage and the vendor has wasted no time in letting pay-TV operators know how they can use their legacy video platforms to advantage against streaming rivals. Upcycling is the essence of the project, which translates into significant capex savings, and this is set to launch in Q4 – targeted at Tier 2 and 3 pay-TV operators.

MobiTV’s US presence is a vital part of the deal, at a crucial time with Android TV Operator Tier creeping into the US market. The company claims an impressive 90 operators are now using its Connect product since launching it three years ago, upgrading video delivery from traditional QAM to IP and blending on-demand, live TV, catch-up TV, network DVR and recommendations – all on a TV-as-a-service basis.

MobiTV Connect is a cloud-based IP video delivery system designed to allow smaller US cable companies to offer OTT video on smartphones and other portable devices, especially to streaming media adapters deployed already in many US homes. Connect already supported Amino’s IPTV hardware so the partnership was a no-brainer. Connect also supports Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire devices.

With Amino recently bolstering its portfolio with the purchase of 24i, which offers a modular framework for quickly developing apps, the new deal enables the company to get in early and sculpt a customer’s video upgrade masterplan from front end to back end. 24i’s apps will therefore be a prominent part of any collaborative efforts between Amino and MobiTV.

Amino and MobiTV fit the bill of chameleon vendors which have both adapted well to their environments in harsh times and carved out their own legacies. It seemed MobiTV was on the brink a few years ago amid a sluggish transition from mobile multiscreen specialist for big hitters like Sprint, to delivering big screen services to smaller operators, while Amino has just spent big on an app developer which has raised eyebrows and grown quickly in the process. The near future looks decent for this collaboration and those beyond it.