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10 April 2017

Rethink IoT News ATW 154

M&A, Strategies, Alliances

  • Engie has acquired EV-Box, a supplier of EV charging stations with a global footprint, totaling some 26 countries, 980 cities, and 48,000 units.

  • Sierra Wireless has acquired GlobalTop’s embedded GNSS module assets, for $3.2m, adding the portfolio and its $5m annual revenues to Sierra’s OEM Solutions product line.

  • ABB is acquiring B&R (Bernecker and Rainer), adding B&R’s IoT and factory automation expertise to “close ABB’s historic gap in machine and factory automation.”

Laws, Regulation, and Lawsuits

  • The Google-Uber case has seen Otto co-founder Lior Ron named after a mistake in document redaction revealed his name. Levandowski isn’t painted in a good light. Uber has now said it doesn’t use the LiDAR technology that Waymo claims it does, and Uber has been given 10-days to exit Italy following a recent anti-competition ruling.

Forecasts, Surveys. Reports, and Blue Sky Thinking

  • IDC says worldwide revenue for cognitive and AI systems will reach $12.5bn in 2017, up 59.3% over 2016, and expects it to grow at a CAGR of 54.4% to hit $46bn in 2020.

  • Strategy Analytics says the 2025 IoT market value will be less than $500bn, capturing less than 7% of all IT spend, with Services revenue capping out at $200bn.

  • ReportsnReports says the IoT market will hit $185.9bn by 2023.


  • Sierra Wireless has chosen Skyworks’ 3G/4G silicon to power its AirPrime HL modules, using 17 Skyworks components in its M2M and device-to-cloud offerings.

  • Fortemedia has launched the iM501, a VID voice processor that it claims is the lowest-power chip in the market, aimed at wearables and smart home devices.



  • The prpl Foundation and EEMBC have announced a project to create an industry-standard benchmark for hypervisors, aiming to “shatter the perception that the use of hardware virtualization in low-power embedded devices comes with big performance and energy overheads.”

  • Metova has added embedded and IoT development services to its application development offerings, with a new team of specialist engineers.

Networks, Protocols, & Wireless

  • Actility and Cougar Automation have announced a Gold-level partnership in the UK, giving Cougar’s SI customers access to Actility ThingPark LPWAN platform – based on LoRa.

  • AT&T is launching a pilot project at Maxwell Air Force Base, with a deployed wireless sensor network that AT&T says will help it improve its IoT offerings,

  • Panasonic has signed Cubic Telecom, to provide it with LTE connectivity for Panasonic’s business line of connected devices.

  • Telenor Norway has picked Cisco Jasper to provide it with Jasper’s Control Center, aiming to provide Norwegian enterprise customers with an IoT connectivity management platform.

  • Telenor has also launched a pilot LoRa network in Norway, called Telenor Start IoT, to act as a multi-city testbed available for free to entrepreneurs and students.

  • SAYME and Wisol have signed a partnership to combine Wisol’s Sigfox modules with SAYME’s devices and software stack, aiming to be the biggest LPWAN solutions provider.

  • Sigfox and Acklio have demonstrated IETF’s Static Context Header Compression (SCHC) over the Sigfox network, enabling IP over Sigfox and better IIoT interoperability.

  • Ingenu and Orolia have announced that Orolia will be using RPMA in its McMurdo Omnicom Solar Fishing Beacon, for shore communication with fleets, with a 50km range.

Big Data, Cloud, AI, and Machine Learning

  • Cisco and SAS have announced a joint analytics offering, based on Cisco’s Unified Computing System and the SAS Analytics suite of software tools.

  • Salesforce has announced Financial Services Cloud Einstein, an AI-based CRM tool aimed at financial advisors.

  • Intel and Preferred Networks (PFN) have partnered to develop Chainer, PFN’s open source deep learning framework, aiming to boost performance on Intel hardware.

  • Google has announced that its Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) beat Intel’s Xeons and Nvidia’s GPUs in a series of benchmarks, by an order of magnitude.

  • PTC has launched its new Kinex family, a brand that is focused on IIoT applications.

Smart Homes and Buildings

  • Buddy has launched its Ohm building monitoring system, powered by its Buddy Platform, for energy usage information apps – starting at $1,500 per month per facility.

  • Centrica is launching its British Gas smart home platform, Hive, in the US, with a $500m investment, building on its 360,000 customers in the UK, with provider Direct Energy.

  • Wink has published its Smart Home Index report, claiming that 27% of US homes have purchased an IoT device, and citing strong interest in smart home features.

Industrial & Manufacturing

  • Honeywell’s Process Solutions wing has launched Secure Media Exchange, a panel that improves the safety of USB devices that are used to update air-gapped machines in industrial systems. Honeywell says about 40% of industrial malware is spread by USB.

  • GM has connected around 30,000 industrial robots to the internet, in a partnership with Cisco, FANUC, and Rockwell Automation. The two-year old partnership has apparently saved GM from 100 potential failures, where downtime costs $15k-50k per minute.

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  • Peloton Technology is testing a truck platooning system on the Ohio Turnpike, with Peloton planning on establishing hauling agreements for freight companies in Ohio.

  • Daimler and Bosch have teamed up to develop self-driving vehicles for robo-taxi services, pitting two old-guard auto names against the likes of Tesla and Uber.

  • Mentor Graphics, now owned by Siemens, has launched the DRS360, a sensor fusion platform that uses ‘raw data sensors’ to reduce latency from pre-processing MCUs. It says the DRS360 is capable of SAE Level 5 autonomous driving performance.

  • Einride is launching a trial deployment of its T-Pod electric self-driving trucks, on a test route between Gothenburg and Helsingborg in Sweden, with a 2m pallet annual capacity.

  • Delphi and Otonomo have partnered to develop a data marketplace for automakers, using Otonomo’s platform and populating it with data from Delphi customers.

  • Delphi has invested in three companies, Otonomo, Valens, and Rosenberger, expanding its reach into the increasingly automated car – but not disclosing its stakes.


  • Samsung’s Tizen OS has at least 40 zero-day exploits, according to Amihai Neiderman, a security researcher who called it possibly the worst code he’s ever seen.

  • The Z-Wave Alliance has now mandated its new S2 security framework, as part of its certification process.

  • Schneider Electric has been caught using hard-coded passwords in its SCADA firmware, according to Open Source Security, which went public after Schneider failed to respond.

  • Palo Alto Networks has identified a new version of the Tsunami botnet, which has been named Amnesia, exploiting a flaw in some 227,000 devices.

  • Radware has spotted a new botnet, called BrickerBot, which is designed to permanently brick vulnerable devices, rather than turning them into a DDoS-capable botnet.

Smart Cities

  • Motionloft has picked Nvidia to power its new range of traffic monitoring sensors, using Nvidia’s Jetson TX1for real-time smart city data acquisition via image processing.

  • Amscreen has expanded its connectivity deal with Vodafone UK, as it looks to expand its range of digital signage and smart city screens, building on its current fleet of 12,000.

  • ReconaSense has launched an IoT update for its namesake security system, a situational awareness platform for security operators that can ingest data from IoT device sources.

Smart Grid & Utility

  • WebNMS and Energy Monitoring have announced an East-African partnership to provide end-to-end energy monitoring system for enterprises in the region.

  • The UAE’s FEWA has picked Itron to supply it with at least 90,000 ultrasonic smart water meters, with Itron noting that it has designed them to accommodate the harsh climate.

  • Kamstrup has picked Neuron ESB to provide it with an Enterprise Service Bus for upgrading Kamstrup’s legacy infrastructure and metering systems.


  • Nexeon MedSystems has licensed 86 Siemens patents, focused on IoT applications in healthcare, especially self-healing control networks for building automation systems.